Water rooting my dried out KP cutting

jlt37869March 12, 2010

A couple of years ago I bought a beautiful EA KP ,,, but after awhile it started to go south. What seemed to be happening was that the variegated (white) cuttings were not getting enough moisture (and were drying up). When I increased watering, then the green cuttings were apparently too wet and began to "mush", drop leaves, and die. I then decided to re-pot the entire plant in my normal hoya mix. Well, that was a disaster!! I could not get the EA "soil" off the roots (it was like one big chunk of styrofoam), so I continued to have the same moisture issues with the plant (too much for the green sections of the plant and not enough for the white sections). I did root a back up plant a long time ago and it's doing really well.

This past fall two more "white" stems on the parent dried up. So I took them, stripped them of their crunchy leaves and put them in a vase of plain water and just left them in the window. Well, they not only plumped up, sprouted water roots, and began growing, but check out the budding vine and leaves growing under water on one of them. How adorable is that? I wonder if he knows he was two steps away from the trash bin. Anyway, I potted him up this week, but he was in that vase of water since last fall!

I know I'm not the only one to struggle with the EA soil (I've read all the posts on that topic). I vowed I would never buy another EA. Yeah, well, I've broken that vow a few times already.

As far as the parent, I'm planning to cut him up this spring, throw away the root "mass", and start anew. I'm convinced the problem is with that soil. Really wish I had done that last spring.

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I agree the EA soil just doesn't work very well in our home settings. I've got several EA Hoyas and Dischidias that are too large and rootbound to repot into my own soil and I do what I can to keep them going. Here's how I water them and it seems to work - I take them to the sink or shower, water thoroughly (which means it runs out of the bottom right away.) Then I let it sit 20 minutes, water again, and repeat that cycle once more. It's like it needs time to soak it up. But I'm like you - if I see one in decline, I chop it up and restart it.

Your cutting looks like it's doing very well!

Denise in Omaha

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Jlt, Very cool picture!! I especially love your vase! Your cutting is very pretty and seems healthy! Good luck with your parent plant. I also agree that EA(bigger pots) are SO hard to change out the soil. Especially once its been in there for a while. I've noticed the sooner you change it the easier it is to remove the dirt because the EA soil hasn't had a chance to "harden" like cement. But having said that...it is a pain in the neck and a big fat mess to repot because EA plants is nothing but a bunch of cuttings in one pot..so its very hard to keep them intack and they fall apart and make a huge mess.

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