Jacaranda Tree

welcomesite(8B)September 5, 2013

I put this tree in the ground last July. It grew to 7 feet tall & I tented it over the Winter but a surprise Florida freeze on March 28th killed all the foliage. It quickly resprouted at the base of the trunk & I chopped the tree, leaving only 1 sprout 5 inches from the ground, which has reached a height of 10 feet, in 5 months.

Here is a link that might be useful: diary for this specimen

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Nice post! Good luck with your tree, it's going to be a challenge in your zone. We push the limits here, have a "paradise tree" and a "sausage tree."

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Ya, I'm not going to tent it this Winter, so I hope it has become established enough to survive with just some thick leaf mulch & wrapping of the trunk. I have heard it said though that the trees that endure the worst Winters are the ones that put forth the most impressive display of blooms.

If this tree survives, I have a long driveway & I plan to start lining it with Jacaranda in the Spring.

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I read somewhere that the jacs rooted from cuttings will bloom faster then seed grown trees. I have a seed grown that's 5 and hasn't bloom yet. I had one that was even older that never bloomed but lost it in the hurricane.

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msmorningsong(SW FL 10A)

Loved reading your post and viewing the diary. How tall was the seedling when you first placed it in the ground welcomesite?

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

We had a jacaranda tree in Phx,AZ (pretty much a 9b where we lived) and it did okay even with a few light freezes. It was pretty huge.

I have 3 sausage trees here in zone 9a FL. I usually put them in the gh for the winter and sometimes they drop their leaves but leaf back out in the spring.
I left one out last winter in the ground as an experiment and when it dipped a under freezing, it froze to the ground but it eventually came back up this spring and has 2 trunks now lol. I had thought it was a goner.
I am gonna dig it up again this winter. I covered it the one time we dipped to 32F this winter and it will be 34 tonight so I will just cover it again. If it looks like it will get under 32F I will have to dig it up and move it into the gh.

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The same thing happened to my Jacaranda Tree, it resprouted from the trunk. I have seen mature ones blooming in Tavares which I believe is 9-a, so I think the more established trees are hardier.

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