Pressure Canner Lid Stuck Again

traceysAugust 26, 2007

I used my All American pressure canner again today (only 2nd time)and when I went to remove the lid it had formed a vacuum again. I had to use a screw driver to pry it off.

The first time I used it I had temp control problems(too high), which I thought may have contributed to it but today everything was very steady.

I let the pressure come back to zero, removed the weight, loosened the wing nuts and tried to open it like the instructions say.

When the lid came off there was a big pop this time. Last time there was no noise. Does anyone have any suggestions? What am I doing wrong?



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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Not sure why? Removing the weight should have released any possible pressure or vacuum, unless there is some blockage someplace. It could be that the seal area had become bound up too, so coating with a little vegetable oil on the seal area may help.

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readinglady(z8 OR)

That's not at all unusual for a new "All-American." It's actually a tribute to the strength of that metal-to-metal seal. Since there's no gasket it's machined very precisely. The hot metal expands and the lid and body can "gall" against each other even after the weight is removed. Then when the metal cools it's possible the lid and body don't cool at the same rate. There can be a considerable "pop" (or other concerning sound effects, LOL) or the lid may just stick and be darned stubborn to remove.

I'm not hearing anything in your description to be concerned about. It's just part of the learning curve. Oiling the rim per the manual's instructions every time for a while (since it's still pretty new) can help. If the lid really sticks you can take a block of wood (to avoid marring the appearance) and put it on the edge. Tap gently with a rubber mallet, small hammer, even a meat pounder. That should break the vacuum.

Bet you didn't realize you were becoming a mechanic as well as a canner!


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Thanks so much. I'm afraid I'm going to have questions every time I use it.

I have put vaseline around the seal like the instructions said. Hopefully things will get better soon.

The block of wood is a great idea. I don't think I want to become a mechanic, I just want to can Annie's Salsa.

Thanks Again

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I have 2 All American's, one over 50 years and one 4 years. I have on ocassion used fine steel wool to polish the lid and canner. I don't think it prevents sticking but it makes me feel good.

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