Can I leave the peach skins on?

tcstoehrAugust 15, 2006

If it will work, I want to can my peaches with the skins on.

Peeling is such a bore. Besides, aren't all the vitamins and minerals supposed to be in the skin?

Will I end up jars full of wet peach fuzz?

Or any other nasty problems?

I ate some canned peaches from a couple weeks ago and there was an occasional bit of skin here and there. It didn't seem like a problem at all. But the the whole peach unpeeled?

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

Peel the peaches. The peels on foods is what harbors bacteria.

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I didn't peel my apricots or sweet pickles or tomatoes or appples. Is there something about peaches that makes bacteria more problematic? Are they hiding in the fuzz? Isn't the bath canner processing supposed to terminate them regardless?

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

I should have said it is the preferred method, to peel the peaches... I know apricots are canned with the peels on. Same with cucumbers, but they are thoroughly washed . The bacteria is one reason the stem is cut off the cucumbers, it harbors bacteria in the stem end.
Tomatoes are peeled because of the bacteria, and potatoes must be peeled due to bacteria.
With fruits you can technically leave the peels on, but it also has do with any insecticides, etc. that may have been sprayed on the trees. It is hard to get rid of them, especially on the fuzzy peels, I have been told.
Personally, I can't imagine trying to eat the peels on peaches once they have been canned. Have you seen the amount of fuzz that is in the blanching water of peaches ?

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

The peach peels are going to make for a very stringy product with lots of skins. Dipping the peaches in boiling water for about 1-2 minutes, then into cold water will help to remove the skins very easily. I know, I just did two dozen of them tonight. Apricots are hard to peel and because the skins are less dense, they usually leave them on. Tomatoes can also have the skins left on, but these tend to get very 'splintery' in a sauce, so I remove them along with the seeds. I never peel a cuke for pickles, nor do I use those big waxy cukes for anything. When I attempted to peel the pluots, tonight, I was unable to as they were very difficult to remove and were lots thinner than a peach skin. Besides that, they seem to have the same characteristics as an apricot, whos skins are quite thin and tender. My fruits didn't get any sprays of any kind. I do insist on using ascorbic acid however as its very good at keeping the bright color of peaches.

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aberwacky_ar7b(Southern Ozarks, AR z7a)

I leave the peach skins on (washed thoroughly) for jam. The peaches get finely chopped in my food processor, so toughness isn't an issue, and the red flecks are lovely.

For canning slices and halves, though, I peel.


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afeisty1(St. Louis)

I freeze the peach peels in freezer bags to use in shakes and smoothies.

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Thanks for the responses, I have much to consider. 8^)
By the way, last night I had sweet pickles with my canned peach halves. Very interesting and tasty combination.

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I always peel my peaches just because I can't stand that fuzzy stuff. Ugh. Like Linda Lou, I'm always concerned about pesticides, I don't grow my own and I know they spray regularly in the commercial orchards.


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If skins don't come off readily, I fugure how to use them blended in the food processor with the skins. Jam is always make with peach skins. If I want hunks of peaches mixed in, I'll just peel that portion. The bacteria part is something I never thought of. I wash everything well however and properly process. Regards - Jim

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