Mildew on Pachyclada

teisa(6)April 27, 2013

Hi I am hoping someone can give me advice on a plant that is having problems. I started a plant off my big Pachy and gave it to my mom. Well her house is next to a large creek and is very humid. When I visited tonight I noticed a leaf dropped from the small plant. (currently has about 10 leaves). I touched the pot and another dropped. All the newer leaves had mildew spots on the underside and it is dropping the newest 4 leaves like crazy. I just bought Sulfur -fungicide this week ( for Clivia seedlings) so I'm wondering if this would help the plant?

I know Mike has given people great advice about fungus in the past!! So I hope he sees this post!!! Or has anyone else experienced this??


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Hmm. Well I'd have her mix cinnamon with enough water to make a paste and smear that all over the underside. I've had luck with that in the past.

I also made a strong solution of 1:6 lemon juice and water last year when I developed mildew on the tops of my leaves in my aquarium. The mold was this really weird sticky stuff so I sprayed, then scrubbed it off, and then sprayed again. Idk whether that was what I was supposed to do but it worked.

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I have used on many occasions athletes food spay.I usually have problems with mildew in early spring when we still get cool nights with our high humidity.

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