chinese scribe daylily vs sparks blue bayou

missylin(9b)September 13, 2013

I have seen some beautiful photos of both of these daylilies but some of them make the color of Blue Bayou look muddy. I hate muddy colors. Do you have any experience with either of these? I want a daylily that has beautiful colors but also nice foliage.
I'd also like to ask about purple daylilies - how many hours of sun is good? I don't have any purple ones currently. Thank you so much.

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You are talking about two different sets of genetics, as well as daylilies that were hybridized at totally different times. Munson's Chinese Scribe was registered back in 1991, back before anyone had heard of rust and some of Munson's daylilies are described as "rust magnets" in areas of the south. However, I do not know about this one. I did see Sparks Blue Bayou growing in Wayne Taunton's yard back in 2011 at the National Meeting in Baton Rouge. We were there first thing in the morning at it looked great, not muddy at all. However, I daresay no daylily with that coloration would ever look as good in the afternoon sun.

One of the parents of SBB is Palace Garden Beauty, which is a good grower here, so that would imply that it would be hardy at least as far as zone 6.

The amount of sunlight needed for purples would depend highly on your climate zone. Here in zone 6/7, most can take full sun all day without looking too slicked. In the deep south, those same cultivars might require half shade to look decent past noon!

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Thank you for this information, Floota. I live in central Florida (9b) and am fighting rust. Both of these are available from a Florida grower. I have an area that only gets morning sun that I was thinking of. But I don't know if it gets enough sun for daylilies to thrive. I am wondering how much sun it would need. I certainly have areas that are shady in the afternoon, but don't know if daylilies would do okay there. I would love to be able to plant daylilies there. I just took out a huge area of creeping juniper and was hoping to put some daylilies there. It is shaded much of the time by a ligustrum tree. But gets early morning sun. I would love suggestions on true purples for the very deep south. How would I find out if Chinese scribe is a rust magnet? Thank you so much!

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