lavendar lady passion vine

keiki(10 FL)September 8, 2013

i have been growing this passion vine for years . I grow it for the butterflys and because it is one of the smaller passies. For the first time it has 4 good sized fruit on it. I didn't have much luck googling it, does anyone know if its edible? I don't think it is but I am hoping someone has experience with the fruit of this lovely passie.

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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

I haven't ever got an edible fruit from my Lav. Lady. They are usually kind of hollow inside, I have read that they are pollen sterile as well. It is a hybrid of a caerulea cross (caerulea is edible) but I don't believe the Lav Lady will produce a viable fruit with enough pulp to eat but who knows lol. Let us know how yours turn out.

It is worth growing because it is pretty and a good bloomer and the only passiflora that the hummingbirds adore. I don't know what it is about that variety but the little hummers will fly around all my other various passiflora and ignore them and go straight to Lav. Lady for drinks.

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keiki(10 FL)

SJN I find the butterflys love this passie but I have yet to see a hummer on it. I wil be watching this fall now that you have brought it to my attention. I have more fruit on it but they all are light and feel hollow like you experienced, It would be great if they turn out edible, who knows maybe I will get lucky.

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Hi Keiki- I can't find your address so will contact you this way- you asked abt. the Surinam Cherry hedge I have and where to obtain the plants, well, I googled and found several here in Fla.....ELDON Tropicals, Ocala.....Manatee Rare Fruit sale in May at the Convention center in Mulberry.... Richard Lyon's Nursery in Miami...and of course, E-Bay..... I'm not sure where you live but there are others not too far away for you, let me know how this works out....the black ones are by far the sweetest and I love them....LOL, sally

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keiki(10 FL)

Thanks Sally I will look for those nurseries online.

My passion are getting heavier with all this rain. I have hope!

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keiki(10 FL)

Sally neither Eldons or Richards has the black suriname on their website, am I missing something?

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Hi Keiki- I looked some more and you are right, the black is hard to find....however, (can't show name) lists it but it's pricey, and 'back-order... also (can't show name) ( show a 'Lolita' as being good), also a ( can't show name) fruit, in Calif., lists seeds, which are cheaper....I googled several times and found few with a reasonable price, unless you get the seeds, or go to Calif. nurseries.... I sure didn't realize they were that scarce.... when mine fruit I'll save some seeds and am glad to mail them out, they are worth trying to grow, I don't know how long they take to fruit from seed but seems to be worth a try!!....Keiki I tried showing the names but GW says not to so maybe you can E-mail me directly, sorry abt. that...... sally

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keiki(10 FL)

Sally the company top with a last name tropicals is the only one I know of. Pricey is right at 80 bucks. I would love to trade for your seeds. I have lots of stuff, what are you interested in ? Also will trade big if ypu have seedings

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Keiki, the bushes haven't fruited yet this year, but I will save seeds when they do, most of the hedge is the red, different reds, some dark, some orangey...there are abt. 8 black, so I'll watch them especially... there were 2 nurseries in Calif. had plants, not a bad price, when I showed the names GW blocked it.... Calif. is a long way to ship plants from....but E-Bay did have listings have you tried there? sally

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Keiki: I now have a lavender passion vine growing on my fence. It has produced dozens of fruits which I have used to make a drink. The secret is: the fruits have to be very ripe - they fall to the ground when they ripen and they are then very sort to the touch. The inside is a brownish color and very sweet. Before they reach this stage they are tart and not ready to be eaten.
The problem is the seeds. First, I cut the fruit across the middle and then scoop out the contents into a container with a little water. By swishing them around and putting them through a strainer the seeds separate from the flesh you get a milky liquid which you can then sweeten to taste. It might look like hard work for little pleasure, but the flavor is wonderful. I just harvested about a dozen ripe ones which I will process tomorrow. I have had this passi before but it never fruited as well as this one has.
I actually googled it and found out that you can also put it in a blender, but I think the seeds would be a problem, so I find my method works better.
Good luck! Let us knowhow it turns out - remember they have to be very soft to the touch and brown inside for sweet results. I loved the butterflies too!!

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keiki(10 FL)

Roseaholicme I love regular passion fruit. lavendar lady is not supposed to produce edible fruit. I did let one fall to the ground and sadly it too was almost empty. I have read that many passies are incorrectly labeled. Are you sure you have lavendar lady? Sounds to me like you have a nice edible variety.

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Keiki, All I know is that it sends out lavender flowers which then become fruit. The fruits maintain their green skin when ripe. The contents of that oval fruit can be scooped out easily when it is ripe and the inside is a yellowish-brown. Delicious flavor!!
BTW this one grows wild. I have to pull them up all over the lawn

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I forgot to mention that I saw a Martha Stewart recipe yesterday on tv in which she made a meringue desert and then spooned the passion fruit all over it, seeds and all.
Try letting the fruit fall to the ground which it does when it is ready to be eaten. Good luck!

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