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patrick51(5)April 3, 2012

I received my first issue of this journal a few days is now available in English...the Swedish hoya journal, put out by the Swedish Hoya Society, edited by Torill Nyhuus. I find that the journal is quite good, much better than Fraterna, the American hoya journal. The pictures in the Hoya Telegraph are quite sharp, each issue discusses 3-4 different types of hoyas..this issue talks about the following hoyas: rotundiflora, mariae, omlorii and fraterna...the difference between this publication and the U.S. publication is that it's not meant solely for gives good cultural advice on each hoya discussed. There are also very interesting articles by an assortment of people, all lovers of hoyas. One article I particularly liked was "My favourites"...a woman's top 10 favourite hoyas. I also loved the article on Nathalie Simonsson Juhonewe..the Swedish woman who was born blind, and fell in love with hoyas as a child..she studied botany in college and has since traveled around S.E. Asia searching for hoyas. She now makes her home in Papua New Guinea...and married her "guide" a few months ago...together they trek around PNG searching for hoyas, and have collected over 500 of them...they're quite sure that at least 16 of them are "new" hoyas, others may be different clones of hoyas in cultivation. Their work is financed solely by donations. They speak of how imperative it is to discover as many types of hoyas as possible, as their extinction is not only possible, but is probable, due to the deforestation that is rapidly increasing. My favourite page is page #29, it displays a gorgeous hoya that has yellowish blooms, cupped-shaped, each blossom slightly larger than ones thumb..the coronas differ significantly from other hoyas, the fragrance is lovely and sweet. The picture of this hoyas shows a lot of damage to the leaves, growing en situ, however the leaves on this hoya are on completely hanging vines, like H. linearis, however the leaves are very different..more like a longer H. limoniaca leaf. Next issue will cover the following hoyas: ilagiorum, chlorantha, and flagellata...along with many other articles written by hoya enthusiasts. I encourage everyone to read as much as possible about the work of Nathalie and her husband, Foreting Juhonewe... a fascinating story. Donations may be made to assist Nathalie, both as a collector of hoyas and to work to improve the situation of deaf people in PNG. I encourage you to help Nathalie if possible. The subscription cost of the Hoya Telegraph is quite high, $53 U.S. dollars, which is for 4 issues. The Society does not know now if it'll continue the English version of this all depends on the amount of interest...more interest would translate to lower subscription prices. The editor stated that if less than 100 people subscribed to the English version, the publication would end at the end of this year. You can read more about this publication at: Subscriptions are payable via PayPal to: Sorry for the length of this message...I could write for hours longer!! Fondly, Patrick

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Well I received my first copy of the Hoya Telegraph and I thoroughly enjoyed it... I loved the write up on Hoya Rotundiflora Its a very cute little plant - Now I will have to order that one for sure! The magazine has lovely photos and nice write-ups of a few chosen hoyas and I just really enjoyed it! Definitely looking forward to issue #2!!!
There is one Hoya they talked about called Hoya Siamica and they said that it had the fragrance of freshly picked strawberries! Gotta get that one too.... I can see I will be purchasing more hoyas after reading this nice little magazine!

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I still have to subscribe. I have been meaning to but have not done so yet.

Patrick the woman you spoke of who is doing the work in New Guinea has a website as well, it's called Paradise Forest. There are many unusual Hoyas in New Guinea that have never been in the horticultural trade. Many are very delicate species with thin stems and I would imagine that they would be very hard to trade. There is also a large number of Eriostemmas there. Hopefully the Swedes introduce some of these rare plants so that they can become available to growers and botanical institutions.


Here is a link that might be useful: Paradise Forest

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golden_ca_2000(BC Canada)

Yeah come on Mike - lol.... I remember you were the one that told me - lol.... You'll love it!

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Thanks, Mike for posting Natahlie's website..I skipped doing so as my post was so loooong!! I did sign up to make monthly donations to Nathalie in her work for deaf folks and her expeditions to search for hoyas. The donation site is a bit difficult, as everything is in Euros, and the exchange changes daily. Yes Mike, send in your subscription right away...if you like Fraterna even a bit, you'll love the Hoya Telegraph...much more for the hobbyist than is Fraterna. I am soooo eager for issue #2!!
Golden, H. siamica is a delightful hoya...Joni has this one, though it may be unavailable currently...if unavailable, put your name on the "wish list" and Joni will notify you when it becomes available. Fondly, Patrick

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Golden I will try to work my Hoya magic and find you a Hoya siamica. It took me forever to get my cutting and its still a wee thing.
Patrick I have never ordered from SRQ, being in Canada I think we are only able to get cuttings and Joni often seems to have mostly established plants available. I'm afraid of what will happen if I find another source for Hoyas.


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Mike, I hear you "loud and clear" LOL...I try my best NOT to find any more sources of hoyas...I ran out of space months ago! Any hoya on Joni's website has a good chance of having cuttings available...other than the most uncommon ones...I would imagine that H. siamica is almost always's a great grower. Fondly, Patrick

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