scent is much stronger right after misting

greentoe357April 6, 2014

I thought it was a mirage or a coincidence at first, but for the third time now I've noticed that when I spray my blooming hoya (and surrounding plants) at night, the scent becomes either much stronger, or it somehow carries much farther, or both. I don't know how or why this works (would appreciate an explanation), but somehow it does.

Spraying during the day does not have this effect at all. At night the scent intensifies anyway, but now at 2 am after spraying, I can smell the single blooming peduncle of my brevialata all across my apartment.

Have you guys noticed this with your plants?

Note to self: unlike before, gotta research the scent of the new species I am considering getting. I am lucky the smell is nice (apple cider! yum!) I would need to move out if it was stinky at this intensity.

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I've noticed the smell intensifies after a misting or watering also!

I have Hoya Nummularioides which is the only one I've thought had an unpleasant smell. And it is a Great Hoya with not stingy blooms at all (pretty much blooms it's first fall) but the smell is so loud, I've had to put it on the porch!!

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Haven't noticed it myself, but I'll try it tonight.

Apple cider sounds AWESOME!

Hoyas can certainly fill a room - who needs candles when you grow Hoyas? Sometimes coming home is like walking into the elevator after 'that one lady' who works in the building (there's always one). I always think of Josh cutting the too-fragrant peduncles off one of his plants when my Hoyas get especially whipped up. I'll never forget that post lol.

I'm glad most species are more moderate...

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