sopa vs. pipa

esh_gaJanuary 18, 2012

I don't see another thread on this, why are we not talking about it?

Thousands of websites, including some of the most popular, are going dark today to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act, a bill which is designed to thwart copyright infringement but that Web experts warn could threaten the functionality of the Internet.

Encyclopedia giant Wikipedia, popular news-sharing site reddit, browser pioneer Mozilla, photo-sharing favorite Twitpic and even are blocking access to content throughout Wednesday, symbolizing what the bill may allow content creators to do to sites they accuse of copyright infringement. Other websites, including Google, are expressing solidarity with the protests by featuring anti-SOPA content on home pages.

SOPA would give both the government and major corporations the power to shut down entire websites accused of copyright infringement with neither a trial nor a traditional court hearing. The legislation is aggressively backed by Hollywood movie studios and major record labels, along with several major news providers, including Fox News and NBC-Universal, which have largely shied away from coverage of the bill.

The burst of opposition to SOPA and its Senate companion, Protect IP (or PIPA, for short), has caught many lawmakers, who thought they were endorsing a fairly non-controversial anti-piracy bill with strong corporate support, off guard. Senate co-sponsors of the bill regrouped on Tuesday, huddling in the Capitol with major industry backers of the bill.

I know the conservatives are with us on this one - let capitalism do it's thang, baby!

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I hope both bills suffer a quick death. As a kid I hated it when someone would tell me I shouldn't be reading this or that. I knew how to make gun cotton (nitro-cellulose) when I was 10, but that didn't mean I had to make it. Censorship is rarely a good thing unless it comes from within oneself.

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david52 Zone 6

This is them librul Hollywood moguls trying to stop kids sharing music and movies.

The advertisements talk about how that evil China is pirating movies, music, etc, but making it illegal in the US isn't going to stop a whit of the problem.

Both bills are poorly written by the entertainment media lobbyists and their lapdogs in congress.

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I wrote to my congresscritters urging them to vote against the bill. Hope they listen.

I really miss Wikipedia.

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I signed an on-line petition. Hubby, who is as close to apolitical as you can get, is furious about this.

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Little by little, people, one small bit at a time, we're losing the very freedoms our government has us convinced we're fighting wars all over the globe to protect... "our freedoms and way of life". It's all a lie.

We're moving closer and closer to a censored police state in which we have no freedoms. We cannot allow this to happen.

We can't keep giving away our freedoms and liberty under guise that we're being protected. We're not. We're being duped by the establishment... the powers that be.

Occupy Everywhere... and protest this latest dupe!

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I'm not nearly up to speed on this, but the linked article helped me to better understand whose interests these pieces of legislation would protect. I don't see my name anywhere... or any of yours either. Looks like "stopping piracy" is simply a pretext for politicians to censor and limit information they don't want the public to have. I hope some of you can find time to read the article and some of the replies that follow.

Here is a link that might be useful: SOPA and PIPA power grab

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I understand that stopping the unauthorized reproduction of copyrighted material was the beginning of this. And I still believe that unauthorized copying should be stopped.

But the wording on SOPA is wrong. They need a better approach. I just saw that Marco Rubio has dropped his support. He says that he thinks too many people signed onto this without understanding how it all works in the real world.

Remember they don't always read the bills? Sheesh.

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Big Brother is watching.

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Brushworks Spectacular Finishes(5)

This is far less interesting than the condom police in California.

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terrene(5b MA)

Being able to shut down a website like Craigslist, which is doing a tremendous service of facilitating the lives of millions of people everyday, keeping tons of crap from going into landfills, FREE of charges and advertising, because somebody was selling proprietary cable TV cables or something. Ridiculous.

They need a much better way of targeting piracy and copyright violations.

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Looks like Rubio, who co-sponsored the bill, is listening to the people. I'm hearing that is looking dead in the water. Seems they are actually listening to the people they represent.

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Tme to move on to analyzing the OPEN Act proposal...

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Just turned on the news and there was an advertisement FOR the SOPA.

I am contacting my representatives today to tell them I do not support it.

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I loved that Rachel Maddow listed a few sponsors & supporters of the bill who used copyrighted material on their websites without permission.(Both parties) Irony ignorance or business as usual.

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"Both bills are poorly written by the entertainment media lobbyists and their lapdogs in congress."

Remember the Big Regulator Dodd? He's now the president of the Motion Picture Association of America and, of course, a big factor behind sopa and pipa. I thought he got out of politics.

And his replacement in my state, Blumenthal, another Democrat, was one of the sponsors of Pipa.

Those Democrats just love regulations, don't they. Especially if they can get paid for it.

On NPR last night there was a report, the gist of which was that the internet community with the likes of Google, Wikipedia, et al, basically stopped this bill dead. Reports of people who had originally sponsoring these bills now speaking out against them.

Which got me to thinking how just a very few individuals, in this case the CEO's of a handful of firms like Google and Facebook, all very wealthy of course, were able to stop this thing dead in the water.

Sometimes, you have to agree, we poor people benefit from the wealthy and their power over politics.

God bless Capitalism.


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david52 Zone 6

Over 7,000,000 Americans signed Google's petition against the bills.
According to Wikipedia, over 162,000,000 people saw their protest page, and over 8,000,000 used their tool to look up information about their elected representatives.
Over 75,000 websites took part in the protest.
According to Twitter, there were more than 2,400,000 SOPA-related tweets from 12:00 AM to 4:00 PM ET yesterday.

Thats a lot of p*ssed of people. I signed the petition to my senator on one of the blocked sites.

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