147 bottles of tomatoes on the wall

Matthias_LangAugust 29, 2014

A hundred forty seven bottles of tomatoes on the wall!
A hundred forty seven bottles of tomatoes!
Take one down and pass it around
And, oops, there's another bin of tomatoes to can!

Pardon my giddiness. This is the most canning I've ever done in a season, and the end is not yet near. But I'm happy. Tomato juice smells spicy, like autumn.

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If those are quarts, at 3 lbs/qt that's 441 lbs of tomatoes! I am in awe. I calculated a few years ago that I needed 300 lbs of tomatoes to keep my family in salsa and sauce, I haven't hit that yet. Maybe in 2012, which was a good year, but I sold most of mine ;-)

So what do you have, 40-50 plants? More? I don't think I'm going to average 10 lbs per plant this year - there are some I haven't gotten any off of yet.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

WTG!! Just think how great they will be this winter.


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I started weighing as soon as I realized I was getting enough to can. So far, 539 pounds. I think there are about 77 pounds ripening in the kitchen, so that means I've canned about 462 pounds as juice (or trimmed out for salads).

I have 36 plants, so that is an average of 14.9 lbs per plant. There are lots more on the vine still.

I had not planned on such bounty. I only hoped to have enough for breakfast juice for 2 people for a year....Here is a thread on the Growing Tomatoes forum in which I sought more info on Roma Grande tomatoes, which I planted simply for its larger size as a paste tomato.

Here is a link that might be useful: Roma Grande tomatoes yield 31 lbs per plant

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DS's team-mates (XC practice started already) couldn't believe we had 800 lbs or green tomatoes (well, a few less since I have picked/used 20 lbs or so, and have maybe another 40 ripening in kitchen). So he brought this one and another 1-lber from same fruit cluster to practice yesterday (and this one is ripening now):

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Gosh - I thought I was nutso for buying 100 lbs of tomatoes to process each year.

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ajsmama, that's a whopper. What did his teammates say?

Are you using some of the tomatoes green?

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That is a healthy stash of tomato juice! I'd be giddy, too. Nice Job!!!

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I was going to use that one green but then saw color. I might use the 1 lb green. I did chop some smaller ones for relish. Today I picked 1 almost 2 lbs but it has a soft spot where it was pressed against stem so not sure that will ripen.

Oh, the others thought that tomTo was diseased. But 1 also asked if Ds knew why his jalapeños were turning red. They aren't farm kids like mine ;-). Now if I could just get my 2 to help out more.

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Yeh...............I planted four dozen tomatoes in the garden, and another dozen here and there in potageres. Last year, and this year I have kept a spreadsheet on the pounds of produce the garden gave us and I have so many jars of tomato products I have them stacked in plastic crates sine the pantry is full. I do enough salsa, tomato juices, sauces and whole tomatoes to do us a year as well.

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If one of those bottles should happen to fall, 146 bottles of tomatoes on the wall..... lol Have a great week end.... just trolling through..

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