Rooting Retusa

luckylittlebugApril 20, 2012

It's a long story that I just tried to post (from my phone) but failed, so I will just keep it short this time & ask if anyone has any personal/successful experience with rooting H. retusa. I would love some help! I received a large plant last week that was in the mail for too long and all of the stems were rotted at the soil level so I had to take cuttings, half of which (out of about 20 or so) have died already (the ones in Northern exposure died as opposed to two drier pots in Western exposure, of which about half have died)...I just received another very long & healthy cutting (by surprise) in the mail today & I really, really hope I can at least root this one! I'm guessing a chunky/airy mix, barely moist, with humidity? Or maybe I should try semi-hydro for the first time? I ordered some Seaweed extract today, just for the general care of my other hoyas...would that help? Thanks in advance!

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