texas sage question

hester_2009September 5, 2012

I hope someone can tell me why my texas sage plants haven't bloomed for over a year! I have some shrubs and one that is trained as a tree, and while they bloomed when I put them in at first, no blooms since. I've fed them and they look very healthy although the color changed from silver to pale green. (I think there are two varieties of this plant,,correct?)

Should I give them another shot of food or just give up and enjoy them for the texture?



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This is from TAMU web site. Texas sage grows best in full sun in well drained alkaline soil. It tolerates extreme heat and poor soil, but not acidic or boggy conditions. I hope this info helps you.

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I think this was a bad year for them here with all the rain. Mine haven't bloomed much, either. I think they bloom the best after a long dry spell. I still enjoy them and I'm willing to tolerate it.

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gardengimp(9B Seminole Cnty FL)

I thought they did not like much fertilizer?


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I just bought one and was told when I bought it they want really dry conditions. And will bloom shortly after rains, after dry periods.

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