Can Heinz dill pickles be processed in quarts?

KSprairieAugust 28, 2011

I was wondering if the Heinz dill pickle recipe can be processed in quarts? Linda_lou's recipe that I got from this site states to process in pints. I have some medium sized pickling cucumbers I'd like to use for dill pickle chips (slices) or spears, but would like to do them in quarts if that is acceptable.

I was also wondered if the spears or chips have any chance of being crisp if you don't use the Pickle Crisp. I won't be able to get any for a week, and my cucumbers can't wait that long.

Thank you!

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

Yes, process quarts 15 min. They won't be as crisp, but if you use them fresh picked they should be good.
I made 20 qts. last week of dill pickle spears.

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Thank you linda_lou! That's a lot of pickles! :)
I have read where some people like to do an ice-bath soak on their dills before canning. Do you think that helps with crispness at all?

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