H. cagayanensis

brsucculents(9a)April 28, 2013

I often read that this species has "shimmering" leaves. Mine are VERY dull/flat. What do people mean by this?
Also Ted Green state emphatically: "This is not pimenteliana." Every where else states that these are the same species. Can anyone verify that they are different?

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I cannot.

I have the IML 1600, which is the plant that DL changed the name of in his catalog (from pimenteliana to cagayanensis) after CB compared it with the older Schlechter publication and found them to match.

I also have the plant that TG lists as pimenteliana in his catalog.

These two appear to be the same plant (to me). If there is one that is different, I don't have it.

I can be more helpful about the iridescent business. The leaves do look flat green from a distance or in the wrong light. They're not obviously glittery or sparkly like an Episcia leaf. It's more like the faintly metallic sheen of washed satin. I find it easier to see in either shadow, or natural light. It's invisible under my artificial bulbs.

I remember when I got my plant I looked for it and was mystified. But it's like a magic eye picture - once you see it you can't stop seeing it.

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Damn these magic eye pictures.

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