ledgewood calico blues / alien invader in the north

spiderjoeSeptember 9, 2012

I have had Ledgewood Calico Blues growing in my garden for three year. In those three years i have had no bloom. The plant has grown into a nice clump, but no bloom.

Anyone else grow it in the north? I has been said that Crystal Blue Persuasion is a terrible preformer in the north and Wildest Dreams is kinda marginal.

Have had Alien Invader for two years and it has bloomed nicely every year. Lots of buds, but it seems that AI's pollen is weak because last year i spread it around the garden and got no pod's.

Should i throw calico blues in the ditch or give it another year or two?

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Hi Joe,
I've had Ledgewood Calico Blues since 2010. It has never bloomed for me either. The plant looks really good right now with nice foliage. Considering the lack of moisture we have had this summer that is amazing. But no blooms isn't good. I have a note from spring 2011 that it didn't look happy, I am guessing it doesn't like the winter too much. I think I will try mulching it well this year and see what happens. I hate to do that but it is worth a try. Mine is in a garden that is fairly exposed to the winds and I have trouble keeping snow there. I haven't had trouble with anything else there though and everything is relative!
I see it is out of Wildest Dreams( although I find that hard to believe). I have never had great luck with it either Hmm!

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