Why no blooms?

phyllisb2008(8 DFW)April 6, 2013

Ive had this Hoya for years and still no blooms. It was a cutting off my Mother-in-laws and pink. I also got one at a garden swap about 5 yrs. ago And no blooms. They are both in clay pots they grow well and have lots of new growth. They do loose some leaves in the winter but not many. i keep one in the bathroom so it has light and humidity the other is by a window with low light but they both go outside as soon as it warms and stay till first frost. The tendrils on them spread fast and they are a very dark green and a healthy looking plant so what am I doing wrong?

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Hi there Phyllis!

I think the answer lies in your last sentence. Very dark green leaves means that your hoyas aren't getting enough light to bloom.

If you have the opportunity to move them to a another brighter window, I think you might be positively surprised.


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It is odd...

It's true, as Kami says, that if they are a dark forest green, they probably aren't getting enough light. But, if you have them outside all summer, I have to assume they just darkened up during the winter, and are getting plenty of light the rest of the time.

You aren't pruning off bare leafless vines or anything like that, are you? If you have a carnosa (as we tend to assume, since it's the most common Hoya), it blooms most from these vines.

How does the soil look? My mom's carnosas stopped blooming for a couple of years, but once we repotted them, they started throwing peduncles the next spring. Also, if you aren't fertilizing now, I would start. Plenty of people get away without it, but since you're having problems, it would be an easy thing to correct.

I honestly sympathize with you a lot. I have two carnosas started from cuttings around the same time, and one is unhappy with me and I can't figure out why. It should be blooming right now, alongside the other one, but it doesn't... I need to pull it down and find out the cause. An easy bloomer like carnosa doesn't refuse for no reason. Right now, they should all be blooming, for everyone.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

"Right now, they should all be blooming, for everyone."

Really GG?

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Sure, every Hoya has a time of year that it blooms and right now, it's carnosa's season. :) Given the right conditions, it would be blooming now. That's all I'm saying.

One of mine isn't blooming, so I know something is wrong. It should be blooming. That's something I can and will fix, so that it blooms before the end of the season, or this time next year!

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That's a good way to look at it! If we had 2 rose bushes and only 1 bloomed, we would know something like it had bugs, or needed fertilizer in order to get it blooming. So there must be something wrong if you have identical carnosas and only 1 blooming.

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I wouldn't make that blanket statement 'cuz then that means a LOT of us are doing something wrong! LOL! I've grown carnosa since the 1970's and for me, it's a slow bloomer. Mine have always had to be VERY mature, like over 5 years old, before they bloom. That's all the carnosa cultivars, too, like 'KQ' & 'KP'. I have one that is in a north window that's probably 8 years old and has never bloomed. I know some of it is that it's in a north window and gets no direct light. I plan to put it outside this year, at least for awhile, to see if I can encourage it to bloom. I have another one that is growing in semi-hydro that is all green shoots off an old 'KP' and it sits in a west window. It bloomed for the first time last late summer, and it's about 4 years old. My 'KQ' has been sitting in an east window where it gets some sun and lots and lots of bright reflected light, and it has yet to bloom. So I guess what I'm saying is that it's not always that something is wrong, but it could be it's just not ready. Some species bloom while young, some not so much. And growing under lights could make a difference, too (I know you use grow lights, GG...) A plant that gets consistent "sun" for 16 hours a day year round is probably going to bloom easier than one grown in our (uh-hum) less than ideal natural conditions in the Midwest.

But I will also say there's been lots of great advice here. Fertilize - YES! I'm fanatical about fertilizing. Make sure it's not over-potted. They'll grow fine if given plenty of root room (if you're careful about not overwatering), but sometimes they resist blooming. If it's healthy, just appreciate it and the blooms will likely come sooner or later.

Denise in Omaha

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phyllisb2008(8 DFW)

Thank you all for the info. the plants are outside from 3 weeks ago until first frost around the middle of Oct. and thats been ever since I've had them. Maybe I should have a grow light on them in the house but they look so healthy and green I didn't think they would need it, Could I have males that won't cooperate? Haha! My Mother-n-laws hangs in a pot in the garage in the same spot all year long which has never been repotted in the last 25 yrs. in fact it's still in the original green plastic pot and it blooms every year. Oh,well I will keep trying. Thanks again

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