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denise_gw(5)April 22, 2012

Does anyone else grow micrantha? I can't really find much on the net about it. I've had mine a couple years and I really like it - it's a fast grower and is no-fuss. It finally set some peduncles last fall and one started to bud up, s-l-o-w-l-y, a couple months ago. It opened a couple days ago. They're SO tiny - the entire spur isn't more than 1" or so across...

It has a faint sweet smell at night. It seemed familiar - anyone have an opinion on what it smells like? I just couldn't put my finger on it...

Denise in Omaha

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Congratulations Denise, that's one I wish would bloom for me. I actually broke my own rule and cut off all the long bare vines my plant puts out. This thing grows like an absolute weed! I live the stiff leaves and the fact that pests seen to ignore this Hoya.
Does your plant put out long leafless vines that never leaf out? I keep thinking I need to water more so the laces don't abort but it still happens.


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I have some hoyas that put out long leafless vines and never leaf out, don't know why this happens but would love to find out!


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So has anyone noticed that my spelling is out of control? I must disable the auto-correct on my new MacBookAir before my responses are rendered completely senseless. lol

Denise would you say that the scent is candy like?


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I don't have this one, but I have to say it really has a lot of charm to it.


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Sorry I'm so slow to get back...bizybizy! Mike, I thought maybe your fingers were just a'flyin' so fast, you didn't notice the typos! LOL! You're always so concise and I always think, "Mike must be a little anal (like me) about accuracy, obviously always checking posts before submitting..." Is that like the phones that will complete a word as you're typing it? After seeing some e-mails that make me LMAO about those (and would make a sailor blush!), I've decided those phones aren't for me if I ever get into texting... (which could happen, I suppose, if pigs fly...)

Anyway, yes, I think it smells very sweet and appealing, so "candy" is a good description. I grow it in my bedroom and I'm noticing the fragrace is more intense as the flowers age. Yummy!

And, yes, I also find that my biggest plant does send out a lot of long, leafless vines. I leave them on until it's obvious new leaves won't form, so I end up cutting some of them back. That one, which is in the GH, hasn't bloomed yet. The one in the bedroom doesn't get so many of those vines, and I'd say it doesn't get as much light as the one in the GH, so maybe those vines have something to do with higher light levels. Maybe move yours to a place where it doesn't get quite so much sun?? I know - doesn't make sense when it comes to blooming, but seems to be working for me!

Denise in Omaha

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I really like micrantha, too, Denise. I haven't had mine long enough for it to work up to fast growth, but I find the shape of those hard pest resistant leaves very appealing somehow. I think it's among the prettiest of this group. Hoya parviflora has foliage with a similar appeal.

Those are some interesting observations about the leafless vines. They must really stay leafless a long time if even you give up on them, Denise.

Yes, I noticed you were being a little wonky lately, Mike. I just thought you were responding mobile. I agree you usually come off as very persnickety.

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Denise I could only be described as concise when in print form. I am a total rambler when I try to describe things in person. I usually do proof read but those typos don't show up because they are spelled correctly, darn laptop is putting words in my mouth. No more skimming I guess seeing as I can't figure out how to shut that function off. The PC to Mac learning curve is pretty intense.

GG you've got me pegged. I'm persnickety to the core. Lol


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I'm having the same problem with my work computer, which is the first OSX Lion I've used. But apparently there's a fix here. I don't know if it will solve the problem or not since I'm at home and I can't try it right now.

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Oh thank you GG. Problem solved.


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