I'm seeing several scapes-so late

Nancy zone 6September 19, 2012

The temps have really gotten fall like the last few days & more of the same weather expected this week with even the possibility of light scattered frost later in the week. I'm getting several scapes now, probably won't get to see anything bloom. One of my new daylilies I just got from Maryott set up a scape. I think I will go ahead & cut it off. Siloam Virginia Henson is still blooming, Westbourne Homestead is reblooming, not a lot of buds on it but nice to see some blooms. Raspberry Pixie is blooming again, not listed as a rebloomer, but it has bloomed off & on all summer long this year. Mal has a rebloom scape & probably will get to see a few blooms from it, & Wild Horses has a couple of rebloom scapes that will probably have time to bloom. This will be its 2nd set of rebloom scapes. Better Believe it & Lotus Position have several scapes each, neither are supposed to be rebloomers. I'll be surprised if they make it to bloom, maybe I should go ahead & cut the scapes. Jim Brown has had rebloom scapes for a couple of weeks. It did that in the spring, it was the first one to show scapes this spring, but just sat there & several other daylilies got scapes & bloomed before it did.

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shive(6b TN)

It sounds like you have some nice ones reblooming now. Does it get too cold in October for yours to bloom? I usually have one or two that bloom through early November. I have scapes coming now on Grape Twizzler, Final Touch, Wheel of Time and Ice Cream Emperor. I never cut scapes unless it's just too cold for the blooms to open properly. It's been unusually cool here this week. When I came home from work today, I was happy to see multiple blooms on both Buttered Popcorn and my seedling finally fully opened despite our 46 degree night.


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Nancy zone 6

Usually we get our first hard frost latish October, but this year it seems like it is really getting cooler early. Right now they are predicting cool weather the next week. Who knows though, I guess I'll wait & see. Maybe they will all get to bloom. I don't know that I've ever had this many scapes this late, just one or 2. I am astounded how many reblooms I've had on plants that aren't supposed to rebloom this year.

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Julia NY(6)

We fell into the 40's last night too. But this is typical fall weather here where the temps go up and down. I am attributing all the scapes I'm seeing coming up here to the amount of rainfall we've had over the past couple of weeks. More rain is due this weekend again.
Hope you get to see yours bloom.


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

it dropped to 50 here last night and 48 the night before. mid 80's for day time high. sure feels better then that 100 plus.I looked today to see if I had any scapes coming on, but, didnt see a one.I had a daylily blooming in December last year.Its in a pot, so I just brought it inside at night and set it back out the next morning.


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Nancy zone 6

I'm loving the cooler weather too, fall may be my favorite time of the year. We've been in low 80's & 70's. They say that is close to average temps, but I swear I remember lots of hot days in September. Seems like we went from hot to cool suddenly. In the back of my mind, I'm hoping it doesn't mean an early winter.

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