H. dasyantha. . . It's alive. . .

maidinmontanaApril 17, 2010

Some of you may remember me posting about my sick dasyantha last fall. I took the advise here and started cuttings from the mother plant, as it was declining very fast.

It didn't appear as tho I was going to save even the cuttings, as they took forever to root, and looked as tho they were a goner. . .

Out of the three cuttings I took, 2 of them have new leaves !!

I bought a small rooted plant from Joni a few weeks ago in case mine didn't pull thru. Now it looks like

I'll have 2 dasyanthas. . . I'm so so happy. . . :)


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Yippee!!!!! That's fantastic! I'm so glad they pulled through. :)

Post some pics of the little ones!!!!


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Glad to hear it Maid. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't as in my case. I had my H. australis suffer from our freeze this winter. I tried saving it by taking some cuttings but those didn't make it either. Oh well, all we can do is try. Happy it worked out well for you.

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tishfromwis(z5 WI)

Cool beans Maid!!! I am so scared to root a hoya. I suppose if I was in the position where it was going to dye and my only option was to take cutting and hope for the best, then I'd do it. There wouldn't be anything to lose at that point. Like Pug says, all we can do is try. Sometimes your successful and sometimes your not.

Congrats on you being successful!!!


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Tish, Why the scare about rooting hoyas? That's how I got started with this crazy addiction. I found a piece of wayetti laying on the floor at Walmart and stuck it in soil. Not knowing anything about them. . . now the plant is huge, as is the collection. You should try it. I think it would be just as exciting as flowers, although I don't know how it feels to get flowers. . . sigh. . . but rooting them and seeing a nice healthy plant that happened b/c of your efforts is very rewarding.

Thanks Carolyn and Pug. . .


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I second what Maid said and it's way easier to get most Hoyas as cuttings vs plants so you can track down the ones you want most and save $ in the process.


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And I'll add that this time of year, it's hard NOT to have 100% success with cuttings. They root incredibly fast when the days start getting longer and warmer. Even cuttings from plants that are declining.

Denise in Omaha

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tishfromwis(z5 WI)

I meant die, not dye. Dye is used a lot in the medical field, especially since I specialize in diagnostics. Please excuse my typo :O)

I suppose if I got a cutting for very little, I wouldn't mind giving it a whirl. I did root (my only rooting experience) a Kentiana, but I was forced into it and lets face it, there is no really rooting of a Kentiana. I did like Maid, just stuck in the soil like everyone here said to do. Another thing that bothers me is having the responsibility of killing it. Free or bought, I would feel bad for someone taking a cutting from their nice plant just for me to end up killing it. I suppose I need to get over this, huh...


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