Which is your favorite pubicalyx and why?

lightning96(4)April 25, 2011

I'd love to hear other's experiences with different Hoya pubicalyx.

Which is the easiest pubicalyx to grow for you? Which is the easiest to flower for you? And which is your favorite? thanks!

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

For me...Pubicalyx 'pink silver' grew fast and bloomed the most. My RHP grew fast and large...but is very stingy with blooms...maybe it needs a little more time. I also have a small 'chimera' RHP that doesn't grow very fast but has bloomed quite early...this one has the darkest bloom out of all the pubicalyxs I own.

I love them all...but my favorite will have to be my Royal Hawaiian Purple. It has the prettiest leaves with some reds and purple and silver splashes on them.

Royal Hawaiian Purple...

This is an old picture...but why its my favorite...

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Wow! I love the top photo --- that's a gorgeous hoya!

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I'm partial to 'Chimera,' again because of those showy black leaves. I used to think it was slow, too, but it's really sped up lately (~2 years). Not quite a 'Silver Pink' rival, but no slouch anymore.

I do have 'Black Dragon' and as I like all black blooms, I fuss over it quite a bit. The leaves are definitely not as showy as the other pubs, though, so I often have to stare at the shelf for a while before I see it.

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From your replies, 'Pink Silver' seems to be the fastest grower. Are its leaves speckled like others? Also, I thought I've heard that pubicalyx 'Chimera' is also known by another name, is that true?

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Here's a good example of how black 'Chimera' leaves start out. They are definitely not as heavily flecked as Pug's 'RHP.' Although we are growing in very different conditions, so... It is my understanding that these two may either be the same plant, or very similar.

'Pink Silver' definitely grows at least 2-3 faster than any other Hoya. It's a beast. Its leaves are also quite distinctive from the other pubs, very recognizable - large and heavily speckled. Sorry, I was lazy tonight, so you have to peek through some other plants, but as I say, there is no mistaking them.

Here's 'Black Dragon' so you can see how boring its leaves are ^_^, unless you like plain, unspeckled green.

The leaves on 'Bright One,' grown in the same conditions as my other pubs, are half the size. 'Red Buttons' is also smaller, although I can't find it right now since I just rearranged. Name something after a button and it's just bound to get lost. I bet it rolled under the bed or something. 'Chimera' leaves are lengthwise similar to 'Silver Pink' but narrower.

Of course all these distinctions could be utter nonsense, but as I say, I have been growing my pubs in a group together.

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Sorry, I do not speak English well.
It is my opinion.
If you prefer pretty leaves, chocolate color, then butoms reed.
If you prefer flowers, then silver pink.
The flowers smell all day.

You can see my flowers in "pubicalix flowers"

Here is a link that might be useful: Pubicalyx flowers

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Great pics! The pubicalyx are my favorite for sure....for the leaves alone! But when you get flowers it's truly a bonus.....How does everyone grow thier pubicalyx? Has anyone found any particular trick for blooming??

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Nice Pubicalyx's GG! I can't wait to see your Black dragon bloom! My pink silver used to have a lot of silver speckling but once I started growing it outside in very bright light and some direct sun...I've lost all the silver specks on them. It was a sacrifice for me to getting them to bloom.

Pepeuve, nice blooms!

I grow all my hoyas about the same as far as potting mix goes, very porous(soil-less) and fast draining. I don't water them as often as some of my other hoyas though...mine don't seem to need as much water at least once they were established.

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Pink Silver is definitely the fastest grower! Mine's hard to keep wound on the hanger! Red Buttons bloomed for me shortly after I got it (it's already an established plant) and RHP is growing new leaves (must not have bright enough light for the purple to show up, but Red Buttons is in the same window and gets the maroon new leaves). Black Dragon I'm looking forward to see bloom and I still want White Dragon. Hard to choose a favorite pubicalyx because they're all so awesome in their own way.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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I only have Pink Silver and Royal Hawaiian Purple and only the Pink Silver has been in my care for any length of time. I do love the pubicalyx varieties because they are easy to grow, have beautiful foliage and the blooms are big and showy. I like the varieties with darker flowers the most but Pink Silver is such a strong grower that you have to love it.

GG your Black Dragon does look kinda plain Jane compared to the others but she will be pretty spectacular once she blooms.


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/Mike I have to agree with you about 'Pink Silver.' It is soothing to have at least one good buddy you can depend on. If 'Pink Silver' were an animal, it would be a golden retriever.

/Pug I have to admit, I don't think that's much of a sacrifice for flowers! I could really go either way with speckling on most plants. I don't love or hate it.

I really should have properly photographed those publicalyxes. The dehydrated pusilla leaves that crept into every shot are driving me nuts. I'm going to try the Joni deep soak method starting tonight, and if that doesn't work, I'm going to see about sacrificing a goat to the Hoya gods.

Oh yeah! And I found 'Red Buttons' this morning! ^_~

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Such great info and pics on this thread! Thanks!

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i have 2 dont know which ones but they grow well and i like the dark colour of the new leaves one the new leaves have a redish tinge

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I love the colour of hawaiian purple!


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I only have three publicalyx, and I don't know the cultivar names, if any that they have. But one has finally started budding up on a penduncle, will be my first publicalyx blooms if they make it. So this one could be my favorite.

But I have a question, not all plain green leaved publicalyx are the "Black Dragon" cultivar, or are they?

I have a plain green one, and it's about 4 times the size of my other two, and it's never even grown the beginnings of a penduncle.


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I believe they are different, at least from the picture of the green publicalyx that Mike referred us to.

Source: panamon_creel Flickr

'Black Dragon' blooms as so:

Source: Forest Treasures

I also think your green publicalyx has prettier, more classic publicalyx leaves. 'Black Dragon' almost reminds me of a large oreogena leaf. I'll take a better photograph tonight.

If you have a peduncle, I'm VERY excited to see if the blooms will look like the photograph above, which is just stunning.

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Edit: Ooops! I misread you, but I see now that you said one of the other two is budding up. That's interesting that your green one hasn't bloomed yet - from your pictures it looks large enough to. Perhaps it is slower than a typical pub?

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GG - actual growth isn't slower, but it is a little different. The stem seems a little thicker than the other 2 publicalyxs I have, and stiffer also. But the leaves are the classic publicalyx shape.

I agree it should be big enough to bloom, I've actually moved it into a little more light this year, where the leaves have just a touch of bronze, we will see if that helps?


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