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medabber(3b)March 25, 2014

Spring has arrived for some that are reading this post. Others, well, you are being a patient as possible. There is no better time than now to consider membership in the American Hosta Society. The first issue of The Hosta Journal and the print version of the 2013 Ristrations Booklet are soon to be completed and shipped, a convention is in final preparation satges, and a desire for information about hosta is at its annual peak!

Why the AHS???
Welcome to the American Hosta Society, an organization that offers hosta enthusiasts numerous opportunities to expand their knowledge and expertise, while making new friends and acquaintances.

One of our premier offerings is our convention, held each summer at various locations, which is full of hosta related activities. They include garden tours, a leaf show, educational seminars, a vending room with nurseries offering the latest and newest hostas and companion plants, an awards banquet, an auction of rare and interesting hosta plants, plus getting together with other hosta lovers. I hope you will be able to experience the excitement generated by this truly worthwhile event.
As with any volunteer society, membership dues cannot cover the cost of running the society, so we host two auctions each year to help cover these costs. One is held in conjunction with our convention in the summer, and the second is conducted online in January. Both events are open to non-members, as well as members. If you are able to contribute hosta plants or other companion plants, they are always greatly welcomed. Otherwise, your generous bidding is much appreciated.
If you are not a member of the AHS, I invite you to join! I have been a member for twenty-three years, and my membership has benefited me in many ways. Some of them are listed below, along with new features that have been added since I joined the society in 1990.

� Keeping current and expanding knowledge of all things hosta.

� Obtaining a subscription to the award-winning The Hosta Journal, a full color, magazine-quality publication, with articles for everyone from the beginner to the advanced grower.

� Learning what�s new and "hot" on the market.

� Developing new friendships with folks that share your interest and enthusiasm for hostas.

� Receiving notice of activities for both members and non-members when signed up to receive the quarterly eNewletter, see http://americanhostasociety.org/enewsletter.html , that includes information about conventions, garden tours, hosta sales and auctions, and educational seminars, along with regional and local activities.

� Accessing the "Members Only" area of the AHS website for more advanced information.

� Locating discussion groups through the AHS website

� Receiving an annual registration book of newly registered hostas

� Enjoying the privilege of visiting display gardens throughout the country, many of which are open only to AHS members

� Accessing our electronic The Online Journal with over 200 pages of dramatic convention pictures and mind stimulating articles on the Members Only section of the website

� Receiving a $15 new member voucher redeemable at participating hosta growers (see website)

Consider joining the AHS,
Go to http://americanhostasociety.org/Membership.html for membership information and our application form.
Don Dean

AHS President

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mary4b(4b WI)

Where will the big convention be this summer, Don?

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bernd ny zone5

Everyone here should sign up to become an AHS member for all those reasons Don listed! I am one and love it, i.e. enjoy reading those Hosta Journals.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


The AHS convention this year is in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.


Here is a link that might be useful: Czech It Out

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As the Merchandise Chair for the AHS I would like to ask those on this forum to please take a few minutes to answer the attached survey. We are looking at the possibility and or need to restart the online store on the AHS website, a place to go to get some hosta related paraphernalia. Even if you are not a member, please take 5 minutes to fill it out.

Thank you,
Devon Smith
Merchandise Chair
American Hosta Society

Here is a link that might be useful: AHS Online Store Survey

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bernd ny zone5

Bump up.

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Thanks for bumping it up, Bernd. I had yet to see the Survey link. I contributed my 2 cents.

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Now that the forum is hopping, I thought this needed a bump.

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I've noticed that every order received from hosta nurseries this spring has in it a form to fill out for AHS membership. Take advantage of it....it is very convenient and painless, with great benefits. It is amazing how much AHS accomplishes with such a relatively small membership, compared to the number of folks who are hosta fans.

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Now that the forum is going strong, I thought it was time for a bump!

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bragu_DSM 5


since when do you have TIME to think?

It's hostatime, sooooo much to do, not enuff nice hours in the day!

or you the lucky one, and gets ta think in your sleep?




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