New garden hose?

jan_on zone 5bMarch 26, 2013

I've seen TV ads for a nifty new garden hose - 'pocket hose' is one name - it shrinks and shrivels into a pocket sized coil. Does anyone have one? I hate lugging those heavy duty monsters that my husband favours.

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tsugajunkie z5 SE WI

Never tried one, but it seems to me it would work great for three weeks and then end up looking like a phone cord...wait, everyone has cordless phones so no-one knows what I'm talking about. Need another analogy.


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Ludi _PA_7a


All we need to do, is figure out how to rewrite the laws of physics and build a 'cordless' hose.

A hose, without the hose. It's just a nozzle that you carry around with you that breaks all the known laws in the universe to magically spray water from your tap.

No hose dragging, no holding tank to lug around.

Someone call NASA we could make a fortune !!!


In all seriousness, I have seen these ads too. On paper it seems like it would work great. I wonder what it is made of, and does it hold up to long term outdoor exposure ? Or would this be something you bring in with you at the end of a gardening day for preservation.

Seems like something that would work great for a year or two, then BAM the holes start showing up.

Not being a Debbie Downer, it just seems a bit gimmicky imo.


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Here are a few dozen reviews; maybe this will help?

Don B.

Here is a link that might be useful: Reviews of 'The Pocket Hose'

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Ken has a great system that he has mentioned before that helps lessen the dragging around of a hose. Maybe he will chime in here!

I would love to have something easy. I saw a coiled one on Victory Garden just the other day. However, they had not been using it for any longer than it took to demonstrate it on the show, so no indication of its longevity.

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jan_on zone 5b

OK - It sounded like a really good idea, but many of the reviews are very negative - the plastic fittings see to be a big problem, as well as leaks. Thanks Don . Guess I'll spend the money in a hew hosta instead!

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I'm thinking that those hose coils have been available in boat stores for a long time now. Most of them are a small diameter, and they do not really stretch out as long as the footage described. Consider that in the garden if you have to yank something hard to reach a difficult spot, it will have to be securely anchored, and not tear something up turning over chairs and tables or pulling up plant stakes or flower pots. And, it won't fit in hose guides ever.

Where it might work fine is to have the 25 foot length at one end of a greenhouse to be dedicated to one purpose, one job. Or perhaps a potting bench with a nearby spigot.

What I found most helpful was those hoses that were flat when turned off, much like a fire hose. You probably would be less likely to trip over them, eh. But if I described my ideal hose, it would be WHITE to avoid scalding water temps. We got black ones last year, which were very sturdy, but running them for 3-4 minutes to cool the water was an unnecessary expense.

Lots to consider, even choosing water hoses. One thing I have done for a long time is have a plastic wading pool set up to soak pots as required. Works like a charm, as long as you can pick up the container and move it.

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Jan, spending money on new Hosta is ALWAYS a wise use of funds! :)

Don B.
Warming in Westminster, CO.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

cyn.. care to narrow down which bright idea of mine you were referring to ... lol.. they are a dime a dozen around here ... lol

i do have spigots buried all over the yard ... that was upfront expensive.. but on 5 acres.. paid itself off BIG TIME ...

or maybe you are talking about the fence post spigot ... wonder what the name of that post was ... see link ...

anyway.. i have a pole barn.. rather large.. half full of every new bright idea i thought would be the next greatest thing ... most werent ... oh how the WWWeb could have saved me hundreds of dollars ... lol .. back in the day ...

my first thought is... see if its still around in a year or two ... then think about it ...


Here is a link that might be useful: well thats not much of a searchable title.. lol ... i hope to remeber to repost the pix a bit later.. remind me if i dont ...

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gogirlterri(5 IL)

I've seen the ads also and have pondered them with my brother, who some of you know had a serious tripping accident. Moc is right about the hose laying flat. I also agree with Ken's "test of time".
I haven't read the reviews yet but the way the suns rays harden flexible synthetics would make me skeptical.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Haha Ken, I was thinking about the spigots you have around your property. The fence spigot sounds great, too.

So far, the closest I have come is to put soaker hoses down and then drag the regular hose to connect to the end of it. Alas, I frequently have difficulty finding the right end of the soaker hose to attach the water hose. I think spigots around would be so much better, but the budget doesn't allow and I only have 1/2 acre, so it seems a bit whiny to object to dragging a hose. ;)

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