Seedling pics

leafwatcher(zone 5)March 3, 2012

Well, I basically did everything wrong ,

Starting with the potting soil (which I microwaved good)

To dumping lots of types of seeds into the same container, I let things dry out a couple times to much, the house is kept pretty cool (low 60's)

I really don't have room for tons of new plants, so I hoped realistically to get 2-3 decent streakers , and I think I might have. the best plant is probably one of the seeds I bought with ice age in the parenthood..

Anyhow as it was a new fun thing to try, and I am not being to serious about it.. I hope you don't mind my lack of precise record keeping...

I set my camera to macro, but I won't be winning any competitions on these pics.

added this just for fun.

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

I think my biggest mistake was I recently removed the lids to the planting containers, thinking they would get better light, I really lost a lot of tiny new seedlings..

I saved a couple packs of seed for a spring outdoor attempt as well.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

my computer did not appreciate the flashing pix ...

anyway .. they are very fragile .. and you better plan on keeping as many as you can .. because by next summer .. you will be lucky to have few left ...

many babes.. have the ability to sprout and grow as the bullet proof hosta they are .. but not the inherent strength to survive in the reality we know as free range in the yard ...

on many.. there is simply not enough green to produce the chlorophyll needed to survive.. or to store enough for next springs push ...

the coolest ones.. are the all white ones.. which are called terminals.. because once they use up the seed energy.. they simply die ... though some have been nursed in a perfect environment[perhaps not] indoors for a long time ... but can never take the sunshine.. wind.. winter.. etc ... enjoy those as the ephemeral they are ...

regardless.. you have learned how forgiving they really are.. just dont add bonemeal .. god forbid.. lol ..


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A wise man once said that bonemeal on seedlings creates a chemical/fungicide organic cesspool of vermin and horror.

Words I shall never forget.

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bernd ny zone5

... organic cesspool... :
Deanna at the Hosta Seed Growers forum wrote not to worry about the white fuss, is only microbes breaking down the bone meal, simply scratch it into the soil. Except in a cell there is little soil to scratch, so I replaced that to have it all tidied up!

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

The gif is slowing pc's down? Its running smooth here?

Didn't think it would be a system hog...

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


You should paint that on the wall of your new seedling room.


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