Think I have just done a Canning No-No. Please advise.

Han123(5a)August 19, 2012


Was canning my first tomatoe sauce (Ellie Tops chunky tomatoe basil pasta sauce) last night, using two water baths.

After 30 mins of a 40 min processing I realised that my second canner did not have enough water due to evap (but still ove the lids). So I moved the cans, without tipping them, into the large first canner which was merily boiling away. Unfourtunalty as I move the jars and put them into the new canner, the lids popped shut.

I left them in the new canner for the full 40 mins.

Now in the light of a new day, I am thinking that they may need to be thrown away (they have just cooled).

Would you use or discard.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

Not the ideal method but safe enough since they got plenty of extra processing time. The lids would have released after you moved them to the new pan - they often pop and release multiple times - and then re-sealed again. Still best to avoid this in the future.


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I agree with Dave. I think the sauce should be fine. Haven't posted here a lot lately, but I am a safety girl when it comes to canning. I make that recipe every year.

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