How long does apple sauce last.

hummingbirddaisyAugust 12, 2006

I canned some apple sauce about 1 1/2 years ago using a hot water bath. What is the shelf life of something of this nature?

I didn't add any lemon juice. I still have 2 jars left.

My neighbor said that she eats her pears that she has canned for years, but she also uses a water bath to can everything, greenbeans, corns, etc. SO, I thought I would come here and ask the experts! :-)

Thanks, Tina

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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

A year is optimum, but even 3-4 years is OK. There can be some loss of quality, but it is safe.

No way would I touch a water bath canned low acid food, not even if it sat for one day !

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

I had a COMMERCIAL jar of apple sauce my dad bought quite some years ago. After about 6 years, I decided to open it and found it moldy on top. This was never opened before, and was a commercial product.

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robinkateb(z4 VT)

Ken, while it may have been moldy it would not have had botulism as it is a high acid product. So if you see mold in a high acid product you pitch it.


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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

To me, it just didn't look good. I figured that it wasn't worth getting sick over. Very unusualy though, as commercail stuff usually has so many preservatives added, that it should have lasted 20 years..

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

I am eating my home-canned applesauce from 2003.
It's fine. There's is some discoloration on the very top of the jar, but I just double-check that there's no mold and stir it in!
I got a little carried away that year..................:+)

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led_zep_rules(5 WI)

A couple years ago I was still using pear sauce that my mom canned in the late 80s. I put it into fruit smoothies so the color/texture changes were no problem. Not as good as the newer stuff of course, but perfectly edible. Pears and apples are fairly similar in my book, Linda Lou can tell us if I am imagining that.


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