The Hoya End Game Boss

greedygh0stApril 27, 2011

I know not everyone here is a gamer, so I want to explain the concept of a video game "boss."

A boss is a computer-controlled opponent the player encounters at a climatic point in the game, usually at the end of a level. Bosses are usually stronger and more cunning than anything the player has faced thus far. Predictably, the end game boss is designed to be the trickiest bit of the whole game. If the player succeeds, they are rewarded with a special visual. (Kind of like a bloom, right?)

What you consider the ultimate Hoya "boss?"

What challenge keeps you up at night, scheming, researching, and strategizing? What is the most impressive/difficult quest on your list? The thing that you are 70-90% sure you'll never accomplish, but you keep trying for anyway.

It could be a plant you are trying to track down/obtain.

It could be a species you are attempting to bloom.

It could be a cutting you have never successfully rooted.


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GG, I had to laugh at this post because, as you well know, that I am a gamer like you! The quest I'm on right now is seeking the legendary White Dragon. I've had no luck finding it but I have it's equally beautiful oppisite Black Dragon. Getting them both to bloom is another challenge.

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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GG, you made me smile with your #6.Oh I wish for this.


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Haha. Once I came up with this analogy I couldn't let it go even though I figured everyone would think I was on crack. /sadtruck

I can't narrow my bosses down yet, so I guess maybe I don't know my endgame boss. Maybe my endgame boss is to outwit Mike in a battle of knowledge. Or to see more Hoyas in the wild than Ted Green. Or to get a carnosa cutting to bloom faster than Pepueve. Or to have more springtime blooms than Pug and David combined. (Okay now I'm just making myself laugh)

For now my regular boss fights are:

1. Get one of the campanulate Hoyas to root (danumensis/wallichi/campanulata/cystiantha). Blashernaezii and siariae give me bonus points but no win. Give rooted plants away to everyone I know.

2. Obtain both of the Lata Iskandars!

3. Have 100% rooting success for 1 full year.

4. Get pottsii 0022 to bloom.

5. Grow something mounted and make it look effortless.

6. Have no "problem plants." Because I solved them.

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I'm not a big time gamer,in fact believe it or not I haven't played a video game since the original Atari was out. I played Pac Man, Donkey kong and Pitfall,those were my games. I wouldn't have a clue as to how to play any of these games the kids play these days!!!

If I were into it though I would have to say ditto to GG's #2-6 with TOP PRIORITY going towards #2 which would be my #1. I have already had small starts of both of these hoyas and lost them..

Right now I am knocking on wood because I don't want to jinx it but I have at least 3 peduncles on a hoya that GG mentioned wanting to bring into bloom. I will not mention the name because sure as I do the peduncles will fall off. I purchased my cutting of this particular hoya on my very first ever order to David Liddle,so it's been at least 8 years if not longer. To this day I have never heard of anyone blooming this hoya!!!!

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I'm not going to jinx it either!

If this works out, I will arrange for a band of children to play trumpets and toss petals at your feet.

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No way, that's a great "boss." There are people here who grow show stopping Hoyas and still avoid buying cuttings. In other words, it's a skill one can live without, but you're taking it on anyway!

Actually, I find rooting cuttings extremely addictive. Aside from the excitement of getting new plants, and the fear of losing your investment, it's a very stimulating challenge that never gets old. There is always something new to learn about techniques, warning signs, emergency fixes, and species to species preferences. It's kind of like what you experience growing a plant over time, except in dramatic fast forward!

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I don't know if this counts, I'm sure it's very basic for many of you! ... but right now my project is setting up my first "rooting chamber" --- it definitely has been keeping me up at night. I think that my hoya "addiction" is really taking off now (poor hubby). I have the aquarium ready to go, and I'm about to put it together. I'm so nervous about rooting ANY cuttings, but if I'm going to do it at all I want to do it the right way.
BTW, I found really great info on this forum from many of you about how to arrange this, so I'm hoping to follow those instructions....!

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Oh man. I'm sorry. I'm just focusing on a lot of super delicate/fussy cuttings atm! You will do awesome! It's super easy. I still have 100% of my first batch of cuttings.

Just tell your cuttings to remember that they are weeds. Half of the time they'll act like they never noticed they had no roots. Then, except for an annoying 2%, the rest will act like no amount of torture will ever make them give up. It's really cool watching the drive for life prevail. ^_^

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Greedyghost --- I think you might have thoroughly frightened me now about cuttings, LOL! But I actually ordered some and they are coming next week ... so there's no turning back now!

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