Fish Emulsion, Guano, Dyna-Gro --- which of these for Hoyas?

lightning96(4)April 19, 2011

I thought of giving my hoyas a boost. They are all doing well, they are mostly growing in a bark-potting mix. I don't usually feed them extra nutrients but recently thought that I probably should, because it's spring and they are putting on lots of new growth.

These are just the options I currently have on hand: Seabird guano (powder), Dyna Gro 7-9-5, and Fish Emulsion 5-1-1.

I'm hoping I can get some expert advice on which (if any) of these is best, and why. Also, do you water them or give a foliar feed? And how often? Once a week? Once monthly, etc?

Looking forward to your replies!


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You could use any of the fertilizers you mentioned but I would think that the Dyna-Gro or the fish emulsion would be the easiest to use. I fertilize with a weak solution of about half the recommended dose at every second watering and water with plain water in between. Plants that grow as epiphytes generally do not get exposed to high concentrations of mineral salts so using a dilute fertilizer solution helps prevent burning roots or causing tip die back on leaves. Hoyas do appreciate the use of fertilizers and watering the solution into the potting mix is the best approach because it is most available to the plant.


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penfold2(4b, MN)

I agree with Mike. Hoyas don't seem to be very demanding plants in terms of nutrition, but an inorganic fertilizer like Dyna-Gro is generally best for containers because the nutrients are immediately available at the concentration you choose. I usually fertilize at 1/4 strength at every watering, and I never foliar feed because it's not nearly as efficient as soil feeding.

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