frozen jalapenos & anaheims

KSprairieAugust 6, 2014

I have some jalapenos and anaheims in the freezer from the harvest last year I would like to use up. They were roasted whole and then froze.

Is it possible to use them in a canning recipe, say for pepper jelly or spread, or do you think they would be too mushy to use after being frozen?

I have a lot of fresh bell peppers, various colors. I'd like to can something using both the hot and sweet peppers.
Any ideas?

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I usually use frozen roasted peppers in cooking, but I don't see why you couldn't make something like the roasted red pepper spread. It's pureed anyway, so I don't think there is a mush factor :-)

Jelly? Well, I think part of the charm of the pepper jelly recipes is diced pieces of fresh peppers suspended in the jelly. Don't think roasted would hold up and don't think it would be appetizing to look at (not that I care much about "pretty" as long as it tastes good).

I'll keep thinking...

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Thank you malna!

I enjoy using the frozen peppers in cooking, but I still have quite a bit left from last year. With the new crop coming up, it would be good to use the old and make room for this year's peppers. I may as well try the red pepper spread. I've never made it and it just sounds really good.
You have a good point about the jelly. I will just hold off on that. My hot peppers are lagging behind my bell peppers - the timing is not always perfect!

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