Cleaning up, rearranging, and thinking of Hallson order

Brandys_garden(6)March 19, 2014

I've been cleaning up the leaves and rearranging some hostas. I am pretty sure Dream Queen has bit the dust? I'll find out more in a little while after I go look through the soil more thoroughly. Anyway, I was browsing through Hallson last night.... I am thinking Avocado (a descendent of Guacamole per Don's suggestion, I just think I like Avocado better), Rainbows End and Autumn Frost for my first order!

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

have you seen the post at the link below???

and do be sure .. to understand... ground needs to thaw.. before sellers north of you.. can dig up plants to send ...


Here is a link that might be useful: link

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Yes, Ken I am aware. Thank you! I am not talking about ordering tomorrow... I mean like a month or so from now. Probably 6 weeks. I still have to find homes for 3 of the U.Medio-Verigata hostas. And wait on the others to come through or not. I know 15 are coming back. But there are still 4 unaccounted or unsure of still.

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I toiled in the garden a little this afternoon to get ready for spring (hopefully). I raked some leaves but still need to get UNDER the patio... Hoping no snakes or rodents come creeping out as I'm doing so, too... Oh, you'll know if they do, too, believe me!!!! But, I got actual stands for a lot of my plants and I rearranged some to better fit their needs, so in the deep space area, I'll have my less sun tolerant hosta aka the golden ones and such. And on my patio, I'll have my most spectacular and the baby ones and around and in front, I will have my sun tolerants and some favorites, as well.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

the trick is..

to order now..

usually... though i speak not for chris.. orders are processed in order of arrival...

so if you want something rare.. or of limited quantity.. it never hurts to order early ....

i just wanted to make sure you 'expectation of delivery' was tuned to ma nature ...

and of course.. your system.. means you can protect things rather easily.. should a frost or freeze come along ...

still plugging away at school???


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mountainy man z8 Ireland

Thats a nice collection of pots you have there, your hostas looked great last year and will be even better this year I'm sure, I like the stands, keeps them up and away from the slugs and to display at different heights.

I hope you don't find any wild life under the patio, we don't have snakes thankfully.


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