Hoya Haiku

greedygh0stApril 13, 2012

My Hoyas are running me ragged. And it looks like I am going to have to bring my plants in from the balcony again on Monday. /shakes fist at cold snaps

So, I thought I would cheer myself up with some Haiku. I know there's a teen poet in all of you. Let's see what you've got.

fragile snowy fluff

my lance is a cotton swab

mealy bones remain

vitiensis, why

do vines grow from drainage holes

on both of my plants

secretive umbel

playing hide and seek. my nose

leads to your sweet cove

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I'm a poet but was never good at haiku.

Why are they running you ragged?

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Haha. Full fledged poetry would be more than welcome. And I'm pretty sure I'm not "good at haiku" either. As evidenced above. But I think it's super fun.

I'm considering writing a limerick if no one answers my haiku challenge... feel free to consider that a threat! >:)

As for the Hoyas, oh... they are just at this point where they could really stand a habitat overhaul. I need to update their light fixtures and do some hoop work. I need to trim all the dry vines and nip all the wonky leaves. And I got some mealies and a small spider mite infestation. And when I was going through them the other day I discovered two that really needed to be restarted. And my eriostemmas just totally need to be relocated because they are way too tall to live with the others, so I guess they're going to have to live with imperialis and the kohleria. They just need some tlc, you know?

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Haha, I stick to experimental prose!

I understand. I have 50+ plants (5 hoyas) and they get moved to sunny locations in the morning and back to their ledges at night. Bug checks, pruning, repotting, watering, not watering...I totally get what you mean.

Mealies are the worst. Luckily, I only saw one on a non Hoya but that scared the crap out of me. The plant is still in quarantine. What are you working with as an insecticide?

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I'll play C:

The postman's jingling keys
and a package at my door,
cut hoyas galore!


Young hoya cuttings
waiting for you to flourish
impatient as can be.


No pests to be found,
Yay! I must have good habits
Wait, are those white specks?!

(luckily not true for me yet!)

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I'm not artistic at all, but so enjoying you guys here.

As for running ragged, I repotted a publicalyx yesterday, my God, the one vine was over 10 feet long when I finally got it unwound. Took forever! I had been planning on doing a couple more, but after that, I was due a cold beer. lol

I was changing out the trellis as well.


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Krimson Queen

Sweet, loving vines
swatting at my face as I pass under

No penduncles in sight,
but you throw out your pink leaves
with unbridled joy.


Proud deep veins with prouder roots - how can I not fuss over you? You pin yourself up with a peachy clip and soak up the sun with your white face.


I shrivel a little, hang down a little
grow a little and fall a little.
I shyly reach out for other things.

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Great poetry! I am terrible at poetry but I might give it whorl. I imagine it taking me all day to come up with something so if I don't post then just chalk it up to poetry writing exhaustion. lol


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Oooooo great ones guys! Love that the postman made it in there - totally felt like I was there. Goddess, I really love your Lacunosa one.

In honor of lasiantha coming through for me, I've got a matched pair for her.

luminous peach eggs
suspended in soft spring air
hatch fragrant monsters

ochre furred dragons
in vertical flight, teeth snap
silken leaves to shreds

I kind of look forward to seeing you fall into a poetry stupor, Mike.

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I always sucked at Haiku. And I tried hard!
I will freestyle here, and see what we get.

Leaves like leather
And blooms of wax
Transparent globes of sweet nectar

(I'll see what else I can muster)

Carnosa, carnosa, will you open your flower?
Carnosa, carnosa, it's been more than an hour!

In the cool air of night,
I detect an odor of delight.
Which Hoya is blooming?
Fragrance is all consuming.

Okay. That's what I got. You guys are great!

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OK I admit it, I haven't even tried yet! lol

I seriously doubt that I can come up with something to rival what has already been posted. Time to look up the Haiku format.


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Well that was not as hard as I thought. Here goes!

Night time candy scented blooms
Dangle on threads


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Oh you guys are too good. I have to say "carnosa, carnosa will you open your flower?" is going to play in my head whenever I look at a bud from now on. "In the cool air of night" is soooo lovely. It sounds like a hymn or a wistful song.

Mike, I adore your choice of subject. I really love flowers that bloom on those long threads and your photo popped right into my head as I read the words. I knew you weren't going to faint from poetry-block!

I know I'm being an über-dork, but I am enjoying this thread so much it's just silly. Thanks so much for playing along. :)

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