What is this hoya? ID Needed

plantomaniac08(8)April 10, 2012

I purchased this today at a local Wal-Mart and would like an identification if possible. I noticed that three of the leaves have white variegation, but most of the leaves are yellow variegated. I own a 'Krimson Princess' and noticed that the three white variegated leaves look simliar to it, but all of the stems on this new one are green instead of pink like my 'Krimson Princess.' Is this another 'Krimson Princess'?

Overall Picture:

Closeup of the yellow variegated leaves:

Closeup of the white variegated leaves (looks similar to my 'Krimson Princess'):

'Krimson Princess' for comparison

Thanks in advance,


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It is Krimson Princess, a lovely hoya and a fast grower.


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Thanks for your identification!


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