April Flowers

greedygh0stApril 12, 2013

Thought I'd start the April blooms thread. Chime in if you have some flowers to share. Buds are also welcome!

This is just Hoya publicalyx Pink Silver. I have it in a north window, with no artificial light. It's about 3 or 4 years old and this is the first time it's bloomed, (well last spring it dropped its buds halfway through) but as I said, it's been growing in low light, not ideal conditions. It's in my bedroom and at first I wasn't sure if I liked the heavy perfume scent - at least for sleeping to. But it has really grown on me. At any rate, the blooms are bright big and splendid. And I like the iridescent iris purple, gray, and pink buds.

Sorry, the pictures aren't perfect. The weather has been dark and overcast here. So, even though I used a tripod, the detail isn't what it should be.

Hoya publicalyx Pink Silver

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Congrats, GG!!!

No buds on any of my plants but lots of new growth. I did find the very first peduncle on my Royal Hawaiian Purple yesterday :-).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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That's great news! Mine is in a neighboring north window to this one, and I don't think it has peduncles yet. But it seems like this one put buds out right after it formed its peduncles, so hopefully your RHP will do the same.

I've been seeing a lot of new peduncles this year. I guess a lot of my plants are established enough to bloom, finally. Makes me feel like a pro when I have multiple plants budding up. Haha... not really.

I have a pink patella bud that's going to open any day now. I really want to take pictures of it this weekend, because those big pillowy buds are so cool. Like a Chinese lantern slowly filling with air.

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My RHP is in a south facing window that has blinds on it. I just LOVE the new purple leaves that it throws out here and there. I've been seeing a few new peduncles on my plants, as well.

Patella is a very pretty Hoya indeed :-). Love your description of the buds lol :-).

Brad AKA Moonwolf

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Spectacular pictures GG!

The only one I have open yet are good ole lacunosa and javanica. But, there are a bunch on the way, so hopefully by the end of the month I'll have something to contribute.


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That's a wonderful "howdy-do" during these bleak days. Where has the sun gone?? And OMG, it's SOO cold! I did see the sun trying to peak out for a bit this afternoon, but it's really not getting the upper hand. I want my spring, dang it!

My variegated verticillata has two nice buds on it, and I see that the first flowers are opening today. I'll get a photo when they're all open, hopefully tomorrow. I find verticillata's fragrance absolutely enchanting - so sweet and perfumey...my nose can't get enough.

Like you, I've been finding new peduncles. One I'm particularly excited about is 'Mathilde'. I almost lost her last fall when I decided to up-pot her. Like you said in another post, many of them do sulk temporarily, but she was bein' a little beeyatch! So I took a few cuttings, whacked off long leafless vines (where leaves had dried and dropped...), put her in my kitchen where I can keep an eye on her. Now she has all kinds of new growth and baby peduncles coming on. YAY!

I got a cutting of paulshirleyi from Ted Green last fall. I cut it in two and got them rooted, but of course they remained dormant all winter. So a few days ago, I saw the weeist little growth nubbin starting, then today I look at it and that little nubbin shot out into about a 4" vine that includes two tiny leaves and a peduncle! I couldn't believe my eyes! I wouldn't be shocked if it drops its blooms the first time it tries, but I can be hopeful!

I'm just really itching for it to be warm enough to keep the windows open in my GH, and to start moving stuff out. C'mon spring!

Denise in Omaha (too)

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The verticillata flower cluster is taking it's sweet time opening. It's probably a good thing as the sweet smell, with just a few open, is wafting through the house!

My obovata is budding up - both, in fact. My old standard green I've had for years and years used to be in the GH where it bloomed profusely every year. A couple years ago, I moved it to the sunroom because I wanted it to look less washed out. In it's early days, I grew it in the sunroom and it always looked so green and healthy, but it wasn't an avid bloomer. Last year, I think it squeezed out one bloom. This year, it seems to have quite a few more, so maybe it's settled into it's new home and happier this year. My speckled clone sits below it and this winter, it put out two long, leafless vines that produced all kinds of peduncles. As tempting as it was to cut them off (they're not exactly pretty...), I'm glad I didn't because those peduncles are budding up now. What are the chances I'll ever get any leaves on those vines? Who knows...

Anyway, I'm including a photo of the verticillata, even though it's not fully open.

Denise in Omaha

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Nice publicalyx Pink Silver, GG! I especially like the two last pictures. Beautiful! And your description of the patella buds is really good!

Denise: I like how the picture shows all the different stages of the flowers opening. Nice flowers!

Here's my contribution:

H. finlaysonii 'Nova':

H. patella:

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Nice photos GG, denise, and Klea.
I have had some plants in flower recently. Hoya sp Estrella Waterfall, kanykumariana, acuta, praetorii, Sp 25, walliniana, aff lacunosa Giant, obscure.
No photos though because I move on saturday and have been very busy packing. Hopefully I get settled in quickly and can get back to posting on the forum.


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@ Denise

That paulshirleyii is one of my favorite Hoyas. I bet that little peduncle of yours is blooming now - or going to soon. Mine's blooming.

Love that verticillata picture - personally I think the prettiest Hoya photos are the ones taken at that point. When I first started collecting I misunderstood what several Hoyas bloomed like, because I'd seen pictures of them with not-yet-reflexed blooms. That was pretty embarrassing the first time one of them bloomed for me and ... *click*


@ Klea

The colors of that nova sure are deep. I love the mocha and wine color of finlaysonii corolla tips. Your photo really makes the ivory color look splendid, too.

My pink patella just bloomed as well, making me very happy! Boy those flowers last a while, don't they?! Since you took such nice photos of the flower, I thought I'd just share one I took of the inflating bud.

@ Mike

Enjoy settling in. We look forward to hearing more from you then. (And seeing some pictures of your new plant setup maybe...? ;) )

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