Snowbird coming in for landing...

gayle0000(zone 5-Normal IL)March 11, 2012

Happy almost-spring, everyone!!

Yes...a snowbird here. Regular participant March-September. I live in Normal, IL.

Spent most of this winter working on my house.

Hoping this mild winter was okay for the hostas.

Gonna catch up on what I missed. Tweaking my shopping lists. Ready for it all to start!!!


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Hi Gayle,

Yes many of us in the north are waiting for spring to start. I'm in the central Poconos and it is supposed to be in the mid to upper 60s all this week and next. Spent the afternoon watering the beds today as we have had very little rain and no snow this winter.


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Hmmmm, I need to check the last frost date here in south Alabama, believe it is around the corner actually. After that, we go straight into summer mode. Blink and you miss spring.

My hosta are acting like they know this and are making some beautiful tops already.

Hope you uncover your garden and have nothing but good news to share.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Welcome back,Gayle! Yes,it was just like early spring down here,the last two days. Our nighttime temps are only in the forties until at least next Saturday. Some hostas are already breaking ground,and montana Aureo is up with some leases already unfurled. Now if the critter that was nipping some of the eyes on other hosta will just go away. I even potted up some bare root hosta that a friend gave me to sell at our annual church bazaar in July. They were already growing in the bag of hostas they gave me,so they had to be put into some soil. There are lots of eyes showing in the garden. Bradford Pear trees are blooming all over town,and robins are back from the south. I guess they know what time it is! Phil

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gayle0000(zone 5-Normal IL)

Yes..."they" are saying 60's and possibly a hint of 70 this week. Nights will be 40's here.

So far, my tulip and daff foliage is up about 3-4 inches and the buckeye buds are swelling. Those are my signs to start getting ready.

Dare I say I think some of my grass is greening up on it's own??? Yes, just a little.

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