soil for hoya

trailer_gal(z4 ND)April 28, 2010

I have a hoya that hasn't bloomed in a few years. It used to bloom but not often. I think it has been in the same soil less mix for at least 15 years. It is in an 8 inch clay pot with only 2 or 3inches deep left of the soil. I took it out and looked at the roots and it is not pot bound, so I should probably repot it in a smaller pot. The old vines are almost bare of leaves but there are some new leaves coming. It is an old plant, maybe 30 years old and a cutting off a plant that was an old hoya, judging by pictures, a Carnosa? Before I put it in the soil less mix,

it was just in sterilized garden soil and seemed to like that better, as it had some sand in it.

What would you think would be the very best soil for my poor, neglected hoya? Do you think Orchid mix would be good? I want a new start for my hoya.

Thanks for any advice.

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Plain old potting soil with perlite plus orchid bark or coconut husk chips works well. An 8" clay pot sounds like a good size because clay pots allow the potting mix to dry faster than plastic so a little extra room should not be a problem. When you allow a plant to stay in very old mix it usually suffers from nutrient deficiencies so I would recommend using a dilute fertilizer to water the plant as well.


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I'm using Miracle-Gro for Orchids for all my hoyas. They seem to be doing very well in it.

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I've been using a mix of equal parts decomposed granite, fine pine bark, pearlite, and potting soil. They seem to like it, as do my other areoids.

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Our Jose-before we made the mistake of not repeotting him when he needed it LOVED African Violet potting soil mixed with a bit of cactus mix. Jose 2.0- a cutting I got from Jose before we lost him completely LOVES this same mix. I don't even need to feed though in the past Jose loved African violet food before I found this potting soil. He flowered just about every spring. Sometimes even in the fall.
Jose was over 40 years old when we lost him this winter.

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