Our Favorite FRAGRANT Hostas!

don_in_coloradoMarch 10, 2013

This seems pretty fun with our favorites by 'category', so I'm asking the forum to show/tell your favorite fragrants this time...I'm scratching for topics to get us psyched up til spring, not that we need encouragement...'Fried Bananas' is a favorite of mine for it's sheer vigor and how fragrant its flowers were for me, but I have more; I'm gonna scour my folders for some better pics a little later...

Cheers, everybody!
Don B.
Westminster, CO.

P.S. Multiple favorites are OK, and expected!

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My first Hallson Gardens order, and boy was I happy. Sprawled on this table are Cathedral Windows, Avocado, Fragrant Bouquet, Fried Bananas and the bonus plant, Fragrant Blue. Can't wait to see 'em come up this year...

Don B.

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Ooooh, some LOOKERS you got there, Don.

On Fried Bananas, I got it late in 2011 and it was still in a little pot when 2012 started. So I moved it along with another FB from another nursery into one larger pot. It was slow going at first, but suddenly one day I looked at it, and the pot was a brilliant yellow, and I admired it for a long time. It also endured the heat, and looked good well into the fall.

This August shot sort of reveals the irregular shape and I believe that is the 2nd Fried Bananas making a "double yolk."

If I get started on my FAVORITE FRAGRANTS, you won't get a word in edgewise. So with some restraint, I say that I really enjoyed Fragrant King and Royal Standard a lot.

Royal Standard wound up with 6 or more scapes and set many seed, which I hope are viable.

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I'm sorry, Mocc, I don't understand...Restraint? Hogwash! ;) Please, if you have more favorites, feel free to post MORE....There is no limit, I say the more pictures, the better. I was hoping you'd favor us with some pics of your fragrants, Mocc. You have some beauties there. This is a leaf from one of my 'Guacamole'. I don't have nearly enough pics of my hosta. That will change in a big way this season.

Don B.

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Stained Glass

Ginsu Knife (scent is very mild)

Cathedral Windows - hope to get it into the ground this summer


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Paul, your pictures are all fantastic. My Ginsu Knife arrived last October nearly exhausted from growing and almost ready for dormancy.....so I did not get to see him look as good as yours does. Then wow, that Cathedral Windows is lovely.

I looked at your Photobucket album link for Stained Glass and it seems you have all the photos of SG in one album? Is that just on Photobucket they are arranged that way, or does each hosta have its own folder on your computer as well? You are right, that makes it easier to follow the development of a particular plant, a real timeline.

I might have to rethink my more general cataloging so I can keep up with things around here.

Cannot pass up the chance to add another favorite fragrant hosta:

Emily Dickinson, shown with Hoosier Harmony for a size comparison. Both are fragrant, Emily being a smaller more compact hosta. Easy to live with too.

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mocassinlanding, with the recent changes to photobucket - they have yet to add searches within my album (all photos of my garden are in one album), so had to search in general to find my photo. I guess the link is different as you're seeing that search view - those are not all my photos.

That Stained Glass pic is from mid-July - one of those yellows that looks good later.

Cathedral Windows - here's a pic from last year - leaves have broadened.


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Let me do a minute of thinking here, so I can choose the most beautimus of last year's pictures........ho boy, taking a quick look through 4 gigabytes of only hosta photos, about 10 months worth, will take some time. But what the heck, it's raining and I'd rather do that than clean house!

Avocado in July 2012

The Shining is a nice yellow one, if you like Fried Bananas

Sugar And Cream is a bit larger and looser than Emily Dickinson, pretty sensitive to too much sun and not enough water...

Fragrant Blue Ribbons if you want something blue, this is a really unique blue shade, but like its parent not all that much fragrant.

Sweet Bo Peep is an Invincible hybrid with a light fragrance, pale lavender blooms, very dark leaves with a slight ripple, about 18" tall at maturity. As you see, mine is fairly small still.

Double Up is fairly new, has double blooms I think, or else it reblooms. Will have to look that up.

Lederhosen #1 and #2....with 2 perhaps a NOID tentatively IDed as Lederhosen....not sure since it emerged a lot later than #1. These are Herb Benedict creations, and the older leaves do have a smooth polished leather look, in green.

Ming Treasure is another sport of plantaginea and it is variegated. Mine is new, but I have great hopes for its fragrance and bloom size. It is a medium sized plant like its mama.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

My favorite hosta is So Sweet. It always looks good, comes up early in the season, lasts late in the season, stays pretty compact, and blooms well on top of that! It's an Aden introduction, so I wonder where it really came from, but I love it.

The other one that is really growing on me is Guacamole. I like it more every year. It continues to look good, although the coloring fades in the late summer.

Still young are Cathedral Windows and/or Avocado, Fragrant Queen, Royal Standard and Sugar and Cream. They are not yet on the favorites list.

On the edge of being in the the compost pile, are September Sun, Venus and Aphrodite.


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Well, Ginsu Knife looks like this as of....yesterday I think it was.
I say it is a favorite even though I got it near dormancy last October. But look at the ruffled and/or serrated edges on this first early effort! It might be green, but it sure is pretty.

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