Hoyas outside - How much sun?

angeleyedcatApril 20, 2010


I have several hoyas which have all been in a southeast window for the winter. Weather permitting, they will be going outside onto an east facing deck for the summer. One area of the deck gets dappled sun until 10am then full sun until 11:30am. The other area gets dappled sun until 10am then full sun until 12:30pm

After taking a little while to get them used to being outside and sun, would any of these hoyas prefer more sun or less sun or could they basically be put anywhere on this deck?

Hindu Rope






Thank you!

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Hi, I'm not sure of an answer to your question because I have'nt been collecting Hoya's too long but I am curious to the answer. Also I would love to see a picture of your collection of hoya's as i too have the same ones, I think. Well, no, I don't have Lacunosa.Anyways, hope you can post a picture, Lori

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Jan Sword

Ds 70 can take more sun but you need to do it gradually, never put the hoyas in full sun, it will burn the hoyas badly. I put mine under the trees.
Hope this helps.


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I wouldn't put any of them where they'll get mid day sun. It's pretty intense and they're likely to burn. And even if you can acclimate them over time to some full sun, the leaves tend to "wash out" to a yellow which isn't very attractive. Your best bet is to grow them in a shady spot, like under trees as Jan suggests. Understand that this is how they grow in the wild, so it's best to emulate that when you can.

Denise in Omaha

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Thanks everyone for your help! I can't put them under a tree because we have way to many deer which would consider them a buffet :) I have a shade cloth area on the deck for a group of orchids that I put outside and will extend it to include the hoyas.

Sorry for the terrible pictures but they were taken in the early evening.

The hindu rope:

The rest of the hanging hoyas with orchids and an epiphyllum on the shelf:

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I don't usually put any of my Hoyas outside but I have been putting my Hoya cummingiana outside on my south facing 14th story balcony where is gets full sun from morning until late afternoon with a slight reduction due to the upper balcony. I am sure that most Hoyas would burn but there are also many that have adapted to very bright light. Right now it is only reaching 18-20 degrees Celsius during the day so the sun is tolerable but in the summer when it is 30 degrees I will probably put my plant in a shadier spot.

As a general rule I would play it safe and go for the dappled shade or bright indirect light. Some leaves of my Hoya carnosa burned to a crisp in my unshaded south window last summer so I put up a sheer curtain to help shade some of my Hoyas and orchids.


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