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gdjcbSeptember 24, 2013

Although fall has just arrived, I am already thinking about next spring and what Daylilies I will be planting. I would like to ask those of you who live in Zone 5b or colder, what are your best performers? I will add, that we don't receive much if any snow cover and have repeated freeze thaw periods. I have found a few web sites that offer very reasonable prices and was also wondering if anyone has ever ordered from them? Ellies Daylilies, Petalpusher, Ensata Irises, Oak Hill Daylilies, and Hickory Haven Gardens. I have checked them out on Garden web, but most didn't have many postings.

Thank you,

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I have not ordered from Oak Hill but was at their gardens. They have nice plants and I brought two home. They are both doing well.

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Hi! I have not ordered from any of the places you listed. I have ordered from Valley of the Daylilies out of Ohio. They have a great selection of daylilies at reasonable prices. They ship quickly too. Try the Lily Auction as well.

Ones that have done well here: Aphroditie's Nighty, Buttered Popcorn (reblooms!!), Wild Wookie, New Perspective, Pick of the Litter, Trahlyta, Canadian Border Patrol. Well those are a few to look into!

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ejr2005(Eastern MA)

I ordered from Blueridge through the Lily Auction. They are in Zone 6a like me, and said they've culled the more sensitive plants so they would probably work for you in Zone 5b. I haven't gotten the plants yet but they've been really responsive to all my inquiries. They seem to have a huge selection and the prices seemed pretty good - I just did the 'Buy it Now' option.

Maryotts is terrific like many people here have said. In California in a warmer climate, but often state if the plants are cold hardy on their website.

In the past I've ordered a few daylilies from Hallson's in Michigan. Not a daylily specialist but they have a number of daylilies. This is my go to hosta site - a very responsible grower. They are in Zone 5b I think. A couple of years ago I bought the daylily Raspberry Suede from them - an oldie but goodie. It's done well in my garden with my pre-daylily focus neglect. It sits right by the road and people often comment on how beautiful it is.

I chose to order a number from Gilbert Wild. Really inexpensive fall sale prices. I figured it was a good way to try a variety of things out.

You also may want to try to find more local places. The east coast and midwest colder zones may have really different climates like more snow cover, etc. I visited a nearby nursery and it was really helpful to see what was blooming.

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Patty W. zone 5a Illinois

We have the same winter conditions here as you do.I have a couple of stellar performers that have continuous bloom once they start for the year. Stella's Ruffled Fingers starts early and goes till frost. Twist Again, soft yellow that in the heat of summer takes on a nice ufo shape.Starts early mid. season here. Then goes till frost. Lily House has it for 15$, plus a nice selection. I've had good luck with all of my orders there. Wouldn't be with out Going Bananas another soft yellow that will fit anywhere. These are three less expensive ones. There are plenty more. Just ask if you need more ideas.

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Thanks everyone.
ejr2005- I ordered from blueridge last year and was very happy with what I received, however, I noticed looking this fall that he raised his shipping to $5 per daylily, so I think I will give a couple of other gardens a try. He did include lots of bonus plants, but in all honesty there was only one I would have purchased. I have been unable to find any Daylily garden in Eastern Washington, but am always looking.

jkayd- Thanks for the report, I think I will be purchasing from them for spring. I like how they mention what reblooms for them in Zone 5.

booberry- Canadian border patrol is on my to get list, eyed/edged Daylilies are my favorite. Thanks for heads up on Valley of the Daylilies.

pattyw5- I got Going Bananas last fall, it was ok (not many blooms), I will give it another year or two. Thanks for the suggestions.

Thanks again,

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twixanddud(z5/6 SE Mich)

Gale, if the Hickory Haven Gardens you've looked into is in Michigan, I can tell you that I've ordered from them a few times over the past three years and would recommend them. I like the fact that they are in a very similar climate to me (they are on the west side of the state, which generally has more snow cover than I do here though) and on rebloomers will say whether they actually rebloom there, which gives me an idea if a daylily is likely to rebloom for me. Steve sends nice plants and depending on how much you buy, you can choose free shipping or a bonus from a list of specified daylilies.

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twix- Yes it is in Michigan, thank you, its good to hear a positive report on them. Unless something negative is posted about one, I think I will order a few from each for spring and see who I like the best for the future.


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taurustendency(5 mid missouri)

my "going bananas" is actually still going bananas. both that and "final touch" seem to be never ending in my yard. "bertie ferris" and "red rum" are nice too. not the newest or uniquest plants out there, but they perform very well for me.

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Ensata is a solid, reputable establishment--I've bought lots of things, irises/daylilies from them and have always been satisfied by their products. They also sale/discount things by about mid-summer, so if you're willing to wait for autumn planting, you can score some deals.

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ozzy, Glad to hear that they are good to work with. I am hoping to get some of their sale items when they list them for 2014, there were a lot on the 2013 sales list that I would of loved to of gotten for the $3 they were selling them for.

Thanks again,

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