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CorpsmanCooper(FL8b)September 18, 2011

My husband's grandmother brought this over for me to nurture back to health. Problem is . . . I have no idea what it is! All she could tell me is it's an oriental plant and it blooms pink or yellow flowers. Any ideas?

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Looks like Thai crown of thorns.

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It is a Thai Crown of Thorns, like writersblock says. That soil doesn't look right to me. It needs very well-draining soil. I always grew mine in 1/2 potting soil 1/2 perlite, and they did great. It needs to be kept dry, and in full sun. You can't get away with planting it in the ground in 8b, because it will freeze. You treat it just like you would a cactus. Don't fertilize it right now, just repot it and put a tablespoon of Epsom salts around it to help the roots grow. A clay pot is better than a plastic pot, because it doesn't keep it as wet. Mine were in clay pots and only got watered when I remembered. I never watered them in the summer, because they got plenty of rain. I have one here with me, but I'll be bringing it indoors once temps get below 40 at night. I almost lost mine in a freeze last year, even covered with blankets, but it somehow survived and came back. I always just used slow-release bloom pellets on mine, once in March and once in July. Full sun makes it bloom. Mine is suffering right now because it doesn't get enough sun, and has been bloomless all summer. I'm thinking of selling it if I don't move to a sunnier place.

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