A few Hoya questions. :-)

goddess9(7b)April 16, 2013

I recently received an order from Joni:

aff. parasitica 'Lao 2'
deykeae (sp?)
sp. ban ngon ngoy

and my mystery bundle:

sp. orange acanthostemma
sp. 97005 (HUGE leaves)
carnosa 'Chelsea'
elliptica EPC-641 (funny, because I got this last summer from her and I quickly lost it. I have a second chance!)
imperialis 'Mosiac'

A few questions:

Anyone have any advice about these hoyas? They're all cuttings at this point and will be potted up tonight.

Ted Green believes imperialis 'Mosiac' to be virused. Anyone know the end of that?


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I grow Ban Ngong Noy with the same culture as carnosa.

I also have aff. parasitica 'Lao2', and that one I keep a little more moist, and medium level light.

Good luck, nice group.


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Congratulations on the new Hoyas. None of them are particularly fussy plants. Keep the cuttings warm and in high humidity and they should root without any problems.

I looked up Hoya sp Orange Acanthostemma on SRQ and well, it's definitely NOT an Acanthostemma section species. Nice looking plant otherwise.


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That orange acanthostemma does not appreciate drought. Make sure you stay on top of its watering schedule.

I lost my first one and almost lost my second one the same way. I ended up just plunking it in my aquarium until it gets bigger and it has flourished there.

Not that I'm saying that's what you have to do - I just suck at watering all my plants on time, sometimes.

@ Mike

I have no comment on its label other than that Joni said she got it in a Swedish trade and that's the name it came with.

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@Renee - Thanks! I've been wanting those 3 for about a year now. I had missed my chance on them many times so I snatched them up this time. :)

@Mike - I have them in my rooting aquarium now. My first batch rooted at a rate of 100%. I'm hoping it's this way this time around. I have no clue about the sp. orange acanthostemma...

@GG - Thanks for the tip. It'll stay in the aquarium until it's well established or dies. I tend to underwater as well...

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