Excising/aborting leaves

goddess9(7b)April 28, 2013

I've only had this problem recently...and only on certain Hoyas:

fischeriana (big time)
macgillivrayi (big time)
merrillii (sp?)
pubicalyx 'Red Buttons'

Most of them are putting out new growth, some one really long vines (fischeriana and macgillivrayi in particular). I was excited about this until the newest leaves started falling off without any sort of trauma. It's frustrating! They're not over or underwatered, they're getting enough lights (the same amount of light they've alway gotten). I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Help?

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Tender new leaves can be damaged without any serious trauma. For instance, a lot of species are so tender, just touching them or a cat's tail swishing against them is enough to make them abort when they're just forming. Even a growth spurt that results in an emerging leaf brushing another vine or pushing against the window is enough to make them abort. Are ALL the leaves aborting, or just certain ones? I

One of the species I find particularly susceptible to leaf damage/drop is meliflua. It's interesting because the leaves become so firm and succulent once they're mature. But when they're fresh, new little leaf nubbins and until they're about 1/3 grown, I can practically breath on them and a few days later, the leaf is gone. I just went and looked at it and out of 5 new leaf nodes, 3 leaves are already gone and they're barely discernable as leaves at this point. I'll feel lucky if half the leaves develop.

So with those species I find are this tender, when they're actively growing, I try not to disturb them at all.


Denise in Omaha

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On this topic: do leaves regrow from the same node if they drop?

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No, not in my experience.

Denise in Omaha

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