What's good for erosion control?

akaj9(9 Central Florida)September 24, 2011

Just had our pool finished...The outside corner is a pretty steep embankment...I placed some plastic edging about two foot out from the screen, and we layed sod on the bank....I planted a canna in the outside corner where all the water rushes (from both sides)...but it washed it out along with all the dirt under the sod last night.....eeekkkkk....what is a good plant for a corner like this?

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ilovetogrow z9 Jax Florida

You may need a retaining wall first to level out the area. Think seriously about added drainage. Good luck. Paula

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akaj9(9 Central Florida)

We placed a 5 gallon bucket with rock, and a drain pipe off the bottom taking it below grade.....so we will see how that works to channel most away.....Once the sod takes hold it should help I Think......we'll see.....

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tri-color asiatic jasmine........turns a really nice shade of red when it gets chilly, sends out runners you can maintain easily.....shade or sun....holds the soil, great plant.....! or texas long leaf, minima, but they don't have the color in the winter that the tri-color has.

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