Farewell Old Jose

riap(5)April 12, 2010

Hi all,

Just a sad note-our old 40 year old Hoya Jose is pretty much gone. My husband discovered the window over him was cracked OPEN for a good part of the winter and he caught a draft and got anthracanos. He's down to one sad sick looking branch and we both think he's all done, yet we can't yet take him down. We made a lot of mistakes of late with Jose and we have paid the price. On the up side-Jose 2.0 is doing FANTASTIC! Those old partly desiccated branches of Jose's not only rooted, but the ailing leaves greened up and filled out and actually look larger! Two new leaves sprouted and grew FAST and are enormous compared to the others-larger than i ever recall seeing on Jose in his 40 years with us! For us, he lives on as Jose 2.0-even tho he lost his ancient main body. We won't make the same mistakes with this one and I keep thanking the cosmos I made those cuttings when I did back before Christmas. Through them, we have him back-- looking happier than he's been in years!

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Did I really put our zip code in the zonal box? Big DUH.. Yes I did--LOL

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Glad to hear Jose goes on. We've all had to restart old plants from time to time. In fact, I'm sure you could say that most of the carnosas out there (which is, I assume, what Jose is) orginate off of very old plants. Mine comes my step-grandmother's plant. She probably had hers 30 years, and I got my start off of it around 1984. My mother got the original plant from her around the same time, and there came a point about 10 years or so ago that it just wasn't looking all that healthy anymore. We took gobs of cuttings and restarted it, and it's once again a HUGE plant. So I think like people, plants get old and by "cloneing" them (which you are literally doing when you start cuttings), you create a new, younger version of the original. I bet your new Jose will outshine the old one!

Denise in Omaha

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Glad to hear Jose lives on...enjoy your new and improved Jose the second! Thanks for the updates.

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I am happy to hear of your success with the cuttings, just look at it as a new chapter in Jose's long life.


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Thanks everyone!
Old Jose still hangs in the window-but we are looking for a new pot to hang Jose 2.0 in. My husband even commended me on getting the cutting when I did. After many tears on both our sides-we realized we both made several mistakes-not the least of which was NOT discovering the open window while Jose was trying to recover. Another was not getting rid of the compacted soil sooner and not giving him antifungal when we should have. Geez-hard lessons learned and even harder to watch this massive flowering plant start failing in early fall and now, 6 months later he's gone-just withered leaves in front of the bright window he once blocked the light with his mass! Old Jose was 40 years old--and perhaps it was his time, but I am so happy I followed my instinct and got those cuttings. Jose 2.0 is small but magnificent, dark, huge, healthy leaves, and yep Jose was resurrected by those cuttings for certain and he's happy. My husband already dotes on him and we'll be on the search for the "perfect" pot for him and will not risk using the one Old Jose is in.
Hopefully the 1st transplanting will go well and Jose will soon begin to fill his kitchen window with his mass once again!
Will keep you posted!! LONG LIVE JOSE!

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FANTASTIC! I'm so glad Jose 2.0 is doing well. :) Can't wait to see pictures of him!


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Thanks all! I will take pix! I have pix of Old Jose before he started to die. You have a place here for pix?

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If you have a photobucket or other online photo account (completely free), it is really easy to make the photos show up in your posts.

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I'd like to see Old Jose and with your permission "post" it at my Blog.


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I actually have pix of both Old Jose and Jose 2.0 on my Facebook account. I'd be happy to share his pix--I don't have an online photo account other than what i have on Facebook. If there is a way to share Let me know!
Ill try linking with my facebook album.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pic of Old Jose

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OK the facebook link isn't working.
I will try my own site for my Model horses and see if I can do this!!

Here is a link that might be useful: Old Jose-summer 2009

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Here is Jose 2.0! He's doing fantastic. Leases are so dark, healthy and he's growing more-faster than Old Jose ever grew in his youth decades ago! Hope the link works!

Here is a link that might be useful: Jose 2.0

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Jose and Jose 2.0 are both very beautiful!!

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He sure is a cutie, looks very happy and healthy. Your Jose looks a lot like my biggest Carnosa. I love the Carnosas, common and very simple, but I still love them.

Thanks for sharing. . .

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There will always be a special place in my heart for th carnosa. Yes that is what Jose and Jose 2.0 are. Jose 2.0 is doing fantastic-growing so fast with healthy dark leaves! We need to get him a new pot FAST!

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