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Cindy zone 6aSeptember 8, 2012

I have been absent awhile. I certainly missed all of the talk and pics here, and it will take me some time to catch up!! I have very few daylilies blooming, and I really didn't get much rebloom. The late ones were especially great. Here are a few of the lates.

Psalter & Harp, a vivid orange and one of the last to start blooming. It is done now.

From My Lips, bloomed late for me as it did last year. I realized later that I had the wrong setting on my camera with some of these pictures, as the background is more in focus than the flower, I have adjusted that.

Jellyfish Jealousy, just finished up.

The Holo Deck, Hanson, it blooms late, and it has put up a rebloom scape, so I will be enjoying it for some time.

Visual Pleasure, just kept sending up scapes, and it still has a few buds left!!

Waves Become Wings, a late blooming Hanson,

I have rebloom on Little White Lie, and the reblooms are nicer than the initial blooms

Rebloom on good old Barbara Mitchell, the reblooms were huge and it still has quite a few more buds yet.

This is Whiskey's grave. I just had to put the bottle there. It is somewhat hidden, so the bottle isn't all that visible, you really have to look to find it. I couldn't get the white whiskers on the statue. Need to find a very fine paintbrush to do that. I am still sad about losing Whiskey.

Babe was brought inside. I had concerns about his safety so he is now an official inside cat. The adjustment went rather well, and I am enjoying him inside. this was one of his last days outside. Guess Bowie will have to step up to the plate with the gardening.!

This picture just strikes me as so funny. This is Bowie's cat mom, and she was in a very deep sleep when I took this picture. Makes you wonder what cats dream about!! Oh, Bowie and his Mom are perfectly safe outside, it was just Babe that I had some issues with.

How about some vivid bugs, since the daylilies are fading!!!


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jean_ar(z8 Ar)

Well, where is BOWIE?I thought you was going to have a photo of him too. Bowie is prescious. BABE is a very pretty cat too. and the statue of WHISKY is very nice. Love his little white feet. and the daylilies are all so pretty and BARBARA MITCHELL is my favorite of them.I think it about takes forever to get over losing your cat. I still miss Ms BLACKIE and every time I go out to do some thing,I am wishing she was still here with me,.She really did try to help me do everyt hing.She would get close to see what I was doing, when I was pulling up some weeds,and she would try to pull some up too with her mouth and some times get grass caught between her teeth or have grass stuck to her tongue trying to get it out.


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Welcome back!


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shive(6b TN)

Babe looks quite grown up now. He will be a very handsome inside cat! Your late bloomers look marvelous. That's an especially pretty picture of Waves Become Wings. Those are nice touches on Whiskey's grave.


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Nancy zone 6

OOO, I just got Waves become Wings, hope it looks as good as yours! Nice late bloomers. I only have Siloam Virginia Henson blooming right now, but I have a few rebloom scapes around. Babe has really grown up, not that lanky kitten he was. Handsome fellow. Really funny how cats sleep sometimes. Ours can get in some of the oddest positions to sleep, we're always laughing at them.
It hurts losing any pet, but some really make a bigger impact on your life. I still miss some of my pets, but at least after a while I can remember them with a smile, thinking of their personality quirks or antics.

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I love Jellyfish Jealousy and Visual Impact. Babe is looking good, know he will do well as an inside cat. Know you are missing Whisky, and will for a long time, but you have done a really good job fixing up his grave. Avedon

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newyorkrita(z6b/7a LI NY)

Great pictures! Even the ones of the bugs although I truely HATE spiders. I am glad Babe is safe inside and know you are still sad about Whiskey. But you gave him a good home and lots of love that he was blessed to have. Those markers are truely great and a fabulous idea!

Great daylily blooms of course!

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Julia NY(6)

Cindy: Nice pics.
I have a question for you. I saw on your blog about one of Curt's registrations called Mystery Achievement. I have yet to see it listed anywhere, not even in Curt's catalog. Where did you get yours?


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Cindy zone 6a

Thanks all.

Julia, I got Mystery Achievement from Curt. He has it growing in his gardens. I never understood why it is not in his catalog. I saw it there this past summer even. If you would like I would be happy to get it for you when I go there again next summer if it is still in his garden. It is a very nice plant. Mine is at 7 fans, and if it increases to 10, then I would also be happy to send you a few fans. or, If you happen to order from Curt in the spring you could ask him about it. I will make myself a note to remember!!

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Great to have you back and posting such great pictures of the cats and blooms. I like what you have done for Whisky's grave such a fitting tribute and I'm also glad that Babe in now a indoor cat. I wish I could convince Caramel to be a full time indoor cat but so far he's not having any of that, at least he will come in and stay in at night which makes me worry about him a little less.

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Why not give us a link to your blog?

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So glad to see you posting. A fit memorial for little Whiskey, and good for you on Babe; losing another one would be too awful. Your blooms are lovely.


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