Selling hostas at Farmer's Mkt -- bare root -- potted?

ryseryse_2004March 27, 2013

This is new to this very old person. I need some extra change and figured I should try to sell what I have. I have lots of hostas and daylilies with labels long gone.

Now, should I dig them up and plant them in gallon pots? Then I could wait for them to leaf up --- or should I dig them and sell them bare-root. Please know these are all un-named (although all had very nice names at one time.) Actually most of the best daylilies were my own hybrids so they didn't have names (but were nicer than anything I saw on websites.) I am assuming I should pot these up and sell them when they bloom.

Suggestions anyone?

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jan_on zone 5b

I would suggest digging and potting. When I started buying hostas I would have needed to see the leaves in order to be tempted. And newbies will probably be your main market. Most 'collectors' really need to know the name! And day lilies in bloom - what's not to love?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

you should probably dig/divide them the season prior.. at root growing time.. late summer ... ... and figure out how to winter them over..

so you can present a nice vigorous well grown plant.. for immediate gratification ...

or line them out.. so that in spring.. you can dig in dormancy.. and pot them then ..

the problem.. with digging and potting in leaf.. is the flop/droop.. and how they will 'look' like they are dying ... and who will want to buy them ...

i would think.. that just having a bunch of roots laying around.. is not going to be the type of peeps.. who will come back every week or two.. and buy more .... it would be all about getting some new peeps enabled.. to make them keep coming back.. and feeding their addiction ...

please send 20% of first months profit for marketing advice.. lol ...


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bernd ny zone5

You have established hostas with a lot of roots, so you can pot them while they have no leaves yet, then let them leaf out, then sell them. That's what I do with my hostas destined for the hosta sale of my local hosta society at the end of May, no need to wait. Good luck!

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bernd ny zone5


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People buy plants with their eyes, not with a promise. Don't expect to sell plants without them being as attractive as they get.Al

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Agreed with Bernd and Al.

Don B.

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growlove(zone4 Ia.)

Definitely dig and pot. I have a plant sale each Spring; dig just as they are showing and by sale time, they are fully leafed out. Try to dig about 60 and seldom have any left.

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Just came across LOTS of free 6" square pots so that is what I will use. Now, how to price? Also how many eyes do I allow for each pot?

I plan to start digging and separating them just as soon as they poke out of the ground. Thanks for the good information.

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