Husk Cherries

pixie_louAugust 3, 2011

I'm growing husk cherries for the first time this year - "goldie" variety. I've got a few ripe cherries. And hundreds more on the plants.

What do I do with them? Both fresh eating and preserving.

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Well, if you like the flavor of them raw, you can eat them that way. Its probably not something you would sit down and eat a bowl of, more likely something you might eat casually by the handful in the garden, or perhaps thrown into a mixed fruit or even entree type salad. You will need them to get to the fully ripe stage, when a uniform deep golden yellow color and a straw brown husk before they lose the somewhat bitterish aftertaste.

Cooked, you can make a pie, or a sauce or preserve. If canning in any way, I would be sure to add a significant amount of extra acid, probably in the form of lemon or lime juice, just to be on the safe side, since no one probably really knows if these are "low acid" or not.

They do freeze well, also.

Cooked, flavor is very mild, sort of butterscotch/caramel overtones when sweetened, and they do lose the somewhat pineapple like flavor they have when fresh.

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