Freeze tonight on already damaged plants

bkay2000(8a TX)March 25, 2013

Its supposed to freeze tonight. I'm not going to go with the philosophy of, "we're in the city, it won't get that cold here". There are too many and they are too heavy to carry around to the garage. I have floating row cover and sheets and empty pots I can turn over some. I can put them next to the house on the south side. I can put some in the garden shed, but that won't help with the freeze, but will with the frost.

Several are suffering already from last night, so it might not do any good. Should I protect the pips as well as the leaves? Any suggestions on what might help the most?

I've never had leaves be zapped like this before. Will they just dry up?


Brother Stephan


Orange Marmalade

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Sorry to hear about freezes down there! We will have below freezes for the next 4 nights,but only a few of my hostas are up yet. Those leaves in your pics don't look that bad,but I would cover them again with at least cardboard boxes. I have found that they work best for freeze nights. Phil

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

Sorry to hear of your cold weather. I have found two older threads that you might be interested in reading.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hosta freeze protection

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

And here's another. Thanks again for "showing" me how to do a link! It's cool!

Here is a link that might be useful: Preventing frost damage

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

Sorry you having temp problems there :(

Its hard for me to get my mind around yours being so far along ! We are covered with 3-4 inchs of snow again...

Fingers crossed for you, I sure had to battle the frost for about a week or so last year. not fun.

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

and this is why.. over the years.. i am NEVER excited.. when they pop out of the ground.. there is simply nothing i can do on acreage ... and mother nature hates me..

you asked what to do .. NOTHING ... any green will continue to photosynthesize.. even a half leaf.. even just a celery stalk with no leaf ...

so just ignore them for a week or two.. and then start picking off completely dead stuff.. even using scissors to cut damage off a half leaf ... like you might do with a houseplant ...

inside a few weeks... as the plant continues its spring push.. most of them will hide or overgrow the damage ...

and even the ones totally froze to the ground will recover... but that will take much monger

whats really damaging.. and heart breaking.. is when they freeze to the ground.. RECOVER.. and then get hit with frost again ... since hosta come up on stored energy ... getting hit twice.. can really set the plant back a year or two ... but by this time.. you are suicidal .. and all you can do is complain .. become your inner farmer.....


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Hmmmm, what surprises me with the advanced state of BK's hosta is that the same varieties as mine are so much further along in BK's garden. I thought I was further south than BK, but maybe not. I did tip my pots and muster them into the shade, so perhaps that is why they are not more advanced.

The ones which overwintered 2011-12 and were slow rising, are still not risen, just as last spring. That includes Fried Bananas, Guacamole, Holy Mole, S&S, and Fragrant Blue. Most of my other hosta were not around to observe, so what they do this spring is all new ground for me.

BK, how did they do with the last two nights of freeze? I see nothing damaged here.

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Ken says it all. We love an early spring but cringe when those hostas poke up their little heads. Several years ago mine were all leafed out and we had a hard frost. I have way too many to cover and all were mush by the next afternoon. I never want to see that again! This year in NW IL we still have frozen ground with snow covering lots of it.

As much as I want to see buds on the trees open and the grass to green up, I am trying to be patient. My hosta babies are still happily sleeping and I hope they will for another few weeks.

BTW, I am in my 'autumn years' and was tired of gardening around labels so took them all out (labels I mean) - I had hundreds of named daylillies who now are nameless and about 30 hostas with names. I don't care. I grow them all for me and I love them even without names. Years ago I sold daylilies and hostas at Farmer's Mkts and people just didn't care what the names were.

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bkay2000(8a TX)

We had an incredibly warm February. We were running the Air Conditioner some days as open windows weren't enough.

The early ones started coming up by the third week of the month, I would guess. The later ones kind of held back once it turned cold again. So, I have everything from a fully leafed out So Sweet and Guacamole to Cathedral Windows, Paradigm and Victory which are still pips.

The floating row cover was a good idea, I think. I ran out of it and covered the others with sheets. The doglet got up early and found the row cover a great toy. So, more torn up hosta. She didn't go after the hosta, though. They were just collateral damage.

I don't think it's going to be a good hosta year for me.


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