Did I pick my spaghetti squash too soon?

dreamercp(Zone 4)August 1, 2007

I planted everything too close because I had low expectations so now my vines are all over the place. I had a spaghetti squash growing thru the tomato cages and the squash was growing several feet off the ground. When it looked huge, I decided to harvest it. It is over 6 lbs and 11" long - I thought this would be big enough but after reading the forums on when to harvest, I believe I harvested too soon. I didn't know if I could leave it hanging much longer and it was too high to brace. Can we still eat it?

I also have a pumpkin growing thru the tomato cages. The pumpkin started growing 3' off the ground. Last week, I braced it with 2 X 4's so it won't snap off too early but it's only 9" off the ground now. This one and the spaghetti squash are much bigger than the ones growing on the ground. Does anyone else have pumpkins and squash hanging from their tomato cages?


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Make a sling to support your squash until it ripens.

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dgkritch(Z8 OR)

Yep. Make supports somehow.
You need to wait until the first tendril up the vine from the fruit begins to dry up.

You can still eat the one you picked. It won't have the same flavor as a ripe one, but then spaghetti squash don't have that much flavor anyway. Make a good sauce, split the squash the long way, scoop out seeds and fill the cavity with sauce, sprinkle your favorite cheese on top and bake until the squash is tender (I'm guessing close to an hour if it's big).

Sort of shred the squash pulp as you eat it to make the "noodles".


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I have had trouble with my vines as well. I have been
advised just as you have to make slings. I think the
tomato cage arbor I have made is not going to help much!
I am planning the slings when the squash get bigger. Now
that I have read how big yours got I am really in a panic
over how big they will get. How long did it take yours
to mature to that size? I am wondering how long I have
before I will harvest.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

Was wondering why your
text is so bunched
together? Is it WEB
TV? or do you use
a browser that doesn't
allow you to type longer
lines of text? MOst
web browser today, will
automatically word wrap

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carolync1(z8/9 CA inland)

I like spaghetti squash before it is ripe. But I steam it, then flake the strands out of the skin with a fork. Forecast is for over 100 degrees here today. Hard to think about heating up the oven.

If you think "spaghetti sauce" when you hear "spaghetti squash", immature fruit is a far better match. I prefer uses for the ripe squash which bring out its "squashiness".

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I wanted to see how my first crop of Spaghetti Squash was doing so I did pick the biggest one i had (yes still on the white side). It microwaved up just fine (I have done this before with storebot ones), but it was harder to get it to flake out the strands -- they were not all yet formed up and had higher water content. It made a good pile if a little slushy -- mostly broken strands. One good thing: it seems that the part that was NOT yet ripe enough to flake into strands can still be eaten in chunks just like a regular squash -- just slice it away from the skin and eat like regular squash or zuchhini. So, if you do not want to get backed way up with a lot of ripe squash, you can pick some early but with a few 'issues'

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Great advice. I'm growing my first crop of spaghetti squash. I'm letting the vines crawl on the ground tho. But I think a few are heading towards the garden fence. I really enjoy spaghetti squash with butter and a little salt or with alfredo sauce. As for zucchini I love it sliced thin and baked in the oven with riccota cheese and mozz cheese with just a hint of spaghetti suace. It's low carb and ohhhhhhhhh so good.

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ksrogers(EasternMass Z6)

The squash LOVE to be resting on a nice black plastic fabric cloth. It helps keep bugs away and injuries to any skins. If you habe any that rest on bare soil, place a small piece between them and the soil. Also, carefully rotate a little, the squash (if round) to get the yellow underside a little more exposed to sunlight.

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I planted my spaghetti squash on may 14 and it is a week into july. I have about 40 squashes so far. the biggest ones are about 8 inches long and pretty fat. Can they get too big. They are not near ripe yet. I just did not know if you are suppose to only let them get so big?

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Some of my spaghetti squash is still dark green, some is turning lighter. Should I pick it now? the stems are pretty dead, some more than others. (Does anyone else have green spaghetti squash?) I have one very small one that went from dark green to yellow very quickly. Then how do let it harden?

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