can you all post pics of canned green beans and relishes?

jeanwedding(6 ky)August 20, 2011

I ask first on vegetable forum someone suggested ask here instead. T FORUM? WELL HERE GOES


IT SAID TO COOK STUFF FIRST. DUH ....TOO MUCH WORK..... sorry I had the keyboardcaps locked key.

well anyway I heated the jars in the canner and hurriedly added the cut up room temperature peppers etc, then poured the boiing pickled vinegar mixture over the veggies. added seals and rings screwd them on carefully . since water and jars hot. Then put lid on pressure canner . Processed with the small 5lb "ring" on my Presto canner... Book said to process PEPPERS at 5 lbs for 50 minutes for pints.... well they look cooked to me..... overcooked.

Cause otherwise I would have to cook relish add to hot jars , add boiling vinegar mixture then jars seals, then water bath>>..

Now I bought some cucumbers last night(cant grow myself cause of bugs"

Want to add to MY PEPPERS for relish.

course bought some more new jars and new seals for mynolder canning


and my raw packed gren beans processed for like 50 minutes sure look not "green" look overcooked to me...

heck one receipe in my Ball canning book said to cook a relish for hotdogs till thick ... about 3 hours" wow that sure sounds mushy and overcooked..,

also since my BRAGGS AC VINEGAR WAS SO STRONG I HALF DILUTED IT IN THE PRESSURE CANNED RELISH. NOW SINCE I DID the relish , I read not to on the pdf Wisconsin home canning info....



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Linda_Lou(SW Wa.)

You need to precook relish to preacidify the veggies. Raw packing is not a good idea.
Never reduce the vinegar in a recipe. I would say what you did was unsafe. Why not just do things correctly and save a lot of hassle ?

Green beans won't stay green like raw when you can them.

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jeanwedding(6 ky)

never knew it was unsafe... till I read on the web the pdf file.... i hate wasting 2 cups of expensive Braggs cider vinegar.... Guess I can use it and not store relish on shelf and use it right away from fridge

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readinglady(z8 OR)

I'm a little confused about the 5 psi for 50 minutes. Am I reading correctly that you used this for a pickled relish? I can't figure out where that time came from.

Canning is one of those things that has to be done exactly. If you take shortcuts you either produce something that's not high quality or you risk safety.

Don't use recipes from non-canning sites like allrecipes. You can't trust that they're reliable or safe.


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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

As I posted on your other post of this question - since you don't have a proper canning book then use the NCHFP site for your instructions. They are the approved source for ALL safe canning information.

How to can green beans

How to make pickle relish

Trying to take shortcuts, trying to can without approved recipes, trying to skip steps, and trying to make up your own rules (like diluting the vinegar) can kill you.


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Some canned goods from last year's harvest.

The green beans are on the left, the first jar is dilled, the other two are pressure canned regular green beans. The green jar on the upper level is cucumber relish (not pickled). Color wise, my green beans look the same as store bought canned green beans.

Like others have mentioned, your methods and times seem not to be within safe, tested recipes.

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jeanwedding(6 ky)

pretty nice harvest. Great
I got the relish receipe mentioned site Wisconsinzzzzzz safe food preservation site......
I used the pepper onion recipe and This past time used full strength vinegar...
The several others i made days before I refrigerated and will use in short time.
For green beans I followed the 25 minutes pressure canning time like recommended on all sites
Now I printed out whole booklet from Wisconsin site .....
Thanks yall

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