what a find !!!

lori_40(Ontario)April 1, 2010

I just got back from Rona in my home town and did we hit a good day. The lady just came out with a cart of fresh plants. My sister got a Hoya-bilobata and i got Hoya-polyneura-fishtail. Those were the names on the tags, we thought we would exchange clippings. I'm looking for information and pictures if anyone has these varieties, oh and do they flower? Thanks once again, Lori

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What a great shopping trip!!!I have a cutting that I recieved from a wonderful lady on here of the hoya bilobata and it growing very well for me. I do keep the potted cuttings spayed daily with VF-11 Sorry I can't give any tips but I am excited for you and your sister

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It sounds like you got your plants while they were still in tip top shape, often times the Hoyas are over watered and start to decline after they are at the stores for a while.

If your plant with the tag Hoya bilobata has leaves with a velvet like surface it is another species that goes by the name Hoya DS-70. Hoya polyneura is a cool grower so try to keep it from getting too hot during the summer, this was a difficult plant for me grow and I ended up loosing mine once the temperatures high in the summer. All Hoyas flower if they have the right conditions so if you don't see blooms after the plants have grown for a while the usual culprit is insufficient light. The cool growing species need a cool period to initiate flowering although you may see sparse flowers during the cooler months without doing much in the way of cooling either.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I have H. polyneura that I've had for a little over 2 years...like Mike I usually have problems growing hoyas that prefer cooler temps and they suffer in fl summer heat. I found a nice shady spot, mine seems to prefer it just slligtly moist(not wet)...so I never let it dry out completely. Its finally looking better...but NO blooms yet. I've had better luck with this one than I have with Serpens...serpens seems to hate FL heat and humidity.

Great finds, enjoy your new hoyas!

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